How to reset your Samsung Galaxy S to its factory settings


Resetting your Samsung Galaxy to its factory settings can help you solve many problems. However, doing so implies that all the stored data and all the configuration of your cell phone (mobile) will be erased. Therefore, before resetting your Samsung, we recommend you make a backup copy of your data.

The method to make a Hard Reset that we show you in this file can be used in all Samsung Galaxy S models, and includes the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8. It can also be used in the Samsung Duos.

What is a ‘Hard Reset’

Hard Reset allows you to restore the factory settings of your mobile phone. When you reset your smartphone, all your personal data such as passwords, accounts, contacts, and files are deleted.

When should you do a ‘Hard Reset’

Hard Reset may be necessary if your smartphone often slows down or freezes, or you can not unlock it because you forgot the pattern.

It is recommended to make a Hard Reset before selling or giving away a smartphone, since all the personal information, as well as the configuration of the phone, will be eliminated.

Note : a Hard Reset does not affect the data stored on the memory card of your device. If you want to delete the contents of the memory card, go to Settings > Storage > SD Card > Format.

How to back up your data before ‘resetting’ your Samsung Galaxy

You can use the MobileGO backup tool to save your data on the PC before restoring your device. For more details, check our file: How to make a backup copy of your Android with MobileGo .

You can also use the Google Backup and Sync service , integrated in Google Photos and Google Drive , to preserve your text messages and photos.

How to restore your Samsung Galaxy S to its factory settings

Turn off your device, remove the battery and wait a minute before replacing it. Then simultaneously press the power button  + Home button + button to raise the volume to restart your smartphone :

A small menu will appear. Browse using the volume key until you find  Wipe Data / Initial Settings. This option will make your mobile phone go back to its original factory settings. Press the power button to confirm your decision:

Your smartphone will restart.

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