How to recover your Instagram password


If you forgot your Instagram password, you can recover it in 3 ways: using your username or email, through an SMS or using your Facebook account. 

How to reset your Instagram password with your username or email

Open the Instagram app on your cell phone (mobile) and touch Forgot your password? (in iOS) o Have you forgotten your login information? (on Android).
Touch the Username tab and enter your username on Instagram or the email address linked to your account. If you do not remember any of them, you will have to use another method. Then touch Send access link : 

You will receive an email with a link to change your password. Click on the link, enter a new password and save the changes. The next time you sign in Instagram, be sure to enter the new password. 

How to restore your Instagram password with an SMS

If you use an Android device, you have the option to reset your password via SMS. Open the Instagram app and touch Have you forgotten your login information? . Enter your username, touch the Next button and choose the Send an SMS option. 

You will receive an SMS in the phone number linked to your account. Follow the instructions that appear in the message to reset your password. 

Note : this option is not available on iOS devices. 

How to recover your Instagram password through Facebook

Instagram gives you the ability to access your account using your Facebook credentials. On the Instagram login screen, touch Have you forgotten your login information? (on Android)  Forgot your password? (in iOS). At the bottom of the screen, touch Log in with Facebook. In iOS this option is also available in the first login screen. 

When Instagram asks you for permission to sign in with your Facebook account, touch Continue: 

How to get additional help to sign in Instagram

On Android

If you have trouble restoring your password because you do not remember your email address, your Facebook account, or changed your phone number, Instagram offers additional help. 

Open the Instagram app, enter your username and touch Get help . Press the Next button, choose the option Need more help? and follow the instructions. 

In iOS

Open the Instagram application and then tap Forgot your password? 

At the bottom of the page, touch Do you need more help? and follow the instructions that appear on the screen: 

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