How to prevent certain applications from running when Windows 10 starts


As you are installing applications in Windows, you have probably noticed that some of them are preconfigured to start automatically when you start the operating system . This can not only be annoying because you do not use them as much as you want them to, but it can slow down your computer a lot.

To prevent these applications from starting automatically you can enter them one by one and change their settings, although it is not necessary so much trouble. Today we’re going to show you the fastest method to edit which ones you want to start and which ones do not directly from the task manager, something that works for Windows 10 as well as for previous versions.

Prevents applications from running at startup

The first thing you have to do is open the Task Manager . You have three ways of doing it. You can press the start menu, type Task Manager and enter, press Control, Alt and Delete, and choose that option or simply press Control + Shift + Escape at the same time to go there directly .

It is possible that when you do this you will be shown a very simple menu with no options. If so, at the bottom left you will see the option More detailswith the icon of an arrow pointing down. Click on it and you will see that the administrator is extended with many more options in the form of tabs. You have to click on the Home tab .

In it you will see a list of all the applications that are requesting to start automatically when you start your operating system. If your status is Enabled it is because the application will start automatically, and if it is Disabled it will be because Windows will not allow it to do so. You will also have a column in which you are told what impact the application has, that is, how it affects the speed at which the system starts.

Now, what you have to do is choose one of the applications that you want not to start with Windows, and click on it to select it. When doing it, you will see that down to the right you have a Disable button , press it and that’s it. You can also right click on the application , since in the pop-up window there is also the option to disable its start.

If you regret, selecting or right clicking on a disabled application you will see that the option becomes Enable .

Try not to disable them all compulsively , since some of the programs that are started in the system are really useful and necessary for your computer to perform 100%. Windows Defender is the native antivirus of Windows, and it is very important to let it start in the background, and it is not too much to leave the sound drivers.

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