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How to download videos from YouTube to iOS using Workflow

A few weeks ago, I set out to download a video from YouTube to the iPhone.  I realized that Google has closed all the vulnerabilities and downloading video to the iOS-device is almost impossible. However, yesterday I came across an amazingly simple way, for which only the Workflow application is needed.

This application allows you to automate various actions on iOS devices. For example, automatically converts the last three photos into GIF. In Workflow there is a store of such templates, of which there are dozens, if not hundreds. However, the template that we need is not available in the store.

How to install a template and download videos from YouTube

  1. Install Workflow.
  2. Open the template page on your iOS device.
  3. Click Get Workflow  and wait for the template to be installed in the application.

Now the template is installed and ready to use. To download a video with it, you need to open the necessary video in the browser on the iPhone or iPad and run the template (Run Workflow )  from the Share menu.

Workflow will start processing the video and after downloading it (you will see the download bar) will show it in the film. After saving the template, the procedure becomes almost automatic.

Workflow is an application for iOS that contains about 100 templates of various actions. With it, you can create certain commands, add various actions to your home screen, make PDF pages directly in Safari, and much much more.

In its idea, Workflow is very similar to Launch . Both applications provide great opportunities for automating anything. However, Workflow has several advantages.

First, the relevance of the application. For example, Workflow supports extensions in Safari. Secondly, the built-in “store” templates. You can create new templates, put them on the review of other users and download their creations. There is a “Featured” tab, which contains the best templates.

Another advantage of Workflow is its simplicity. For example, you want to make a new template that takes a few photos and then merges them into GIF. To do this, just drag and drop the action “Take Photo” and “Make GIF” on the field to create a template.

The application supports work with most services. Of course, there is Evernote, Dropbox and the rest.

And of course the main feature is a gallery or a store of templates. Let the word “shop” does not mislead you, all the templates here are absolutely free. There are several categories: extensions, work with the clipboard and sharing.

To create your own templates, dozens of different actions are given. But, to be honest, I’m used to trusting in this plan other, more knowledgeable people and found in the store everything that I will ever be able to come in handy. However, if you have an idea of ​​your own template, you can easily implement it.

Here is a short list of what the application can do:

  1. Create GIF from your photos.
  2. Add icons to your favorite contacts on the desktop.
  3. Make PDF from page in Safari.
  4. Tweak the song that you are listening to right now.
  5. Download all images from a web page.
  6. Find the nearest café with one click (does not work in Ukraine).

And much more. If you do not have enough iPhone or iPad capabilities, then Workflow will be what you’ve been looking for. This is a great application for automation, which, moreover, is very easy to work with.

The IFTTT application has changed the approach to automating common activities such as creating an event when adding a new contact or receiving a notification when changing weather. However, it is skillful to combine only two processes, one of which always activated another. The new Workflow application is a bit different: it can group tasks from multiple iOS applications into one automated process.

Workflow has a nice and intuitive interface. A new action is created by dragging individual tasks into the editing line. They, in turn, are now more than 150, which is quite enough for most of the user’s needs. An excellent example would be the creation of GIF animations, where you can adjust the number of source images and individual details, for example, what to do with the file as a result; or the publication in Twitter of the title of the track that you are listening to right now.

Already created action can not only be stored in memory, but also create an appropriate icon on the working screen of your gadget in order to use the prepared scenario as a full-fledged application in the future. Developers Workflow also did not forget about the new features of iOS 8. You can create extensions for Safari, which will help, for example, to save the current page in PDF format.

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