How to display only applications that are open in the OS X Dock


We refer to the Dock that appears in the lower part of the desktop and in which you can locate the applications that we create appropriate in addition to the icon of the Finder or the Launchpad, among others.

To configure the OS X Dock we have a specific panel for it in System Preferences > Dock. Among other things we can modify its size and position, the behavior of it when we pass the mouse over its icons or if we want to hide it.

However there are many things that can be done in the Dock that are not implemented in simple buttons to click on the preferences of the same and use and we have no choice but to pull the use of the Terminal. These actions have to be done with great care and that is that we would be modifying the behaviour of our system that if we do not undo it will remain that way forever.

In this article what we want to show you is how to have a Dock in which only the applications that are open at all times are shown. To do this, it is necessary to use logical lines in the Terminal that tell OS X what we want to activate and that Apple’s software engineers have left this option hidden.

In order to obtain the behaviour that we have mentioned you have to open the Terminal that you can find in Launchpad> Others> Terminal and write the following line of code:

defaults write static-only -bool TRUE; killall Dock

This line of code what you are going to do is show only in the Dock the applications that are open and the recycle bin. If you want to undo the changes because you are not convinced this way of visualizing with the Dock what you will have to execute in the Terminal is:

defaults write static-only -bool FALSE; killall Dock

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