With the arrival of the new iPhone X there has also been a turning point in the security system, this is the Face ID.

In general, the Face ID is configured at the first turn on of the new Apple top range, but you can do so even after a few simple steps.HOW TO CONFIGURE AND USE THE FACE ID

First of all you have to go to the settings and look for the “Face ID and Code” section; Once the security code is inserted, if it is present (otherwise the phone will ask you to add it to have an alternate identification method), just tap on “Configure Face ID”.


At this point, the actual configuration begins, very similar to that for fingerprints. In fact, the phone asks you to frame your face in a frame and then move your head to complete the upload.

At this point the system will tell you that you have completed the first scan; press on continuous and repeat the steps previously mentioned for the second time; completed the last one, touch Finish.

In doing so, to unlock your phone, just frame your face and slide your finger from the bottom up.

Face IDs can also be used to authorize various payments through Apple Pay , authenticating and then bringing the top of the iPhone to the contactless reader.

It also works as a confirmation to complete purchases on iTunes, App Store and other compatible applications.

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