How to add a signature in Gmail


When you create emails using Gmail , you have the option of customizing them with a signature. The signature is a text or image that is automatically attached to the end of the email messages and may contain your contact information, your favorite quotes or your company’s logo. Both the text and images of a mail signature are visible on desktop computers and mobile devices. An email signature comprises a few lines of text placed at the bottom of all outgoing mail. It can contain your name, website, company, phone number, and even a short elevator pitch or favorite quote.

How to add a signature in Gmail

In your Gmail account, click on the button in the form of a gear wheel and select Settings. Then, in the General tab, scroll to the Signature section. This option is disabled by default. To enable it, simply fill in the field below the No Signature option and add the word or phrase you want to use as a signature (you can use links and HTML code):

Gmail also gives you the ability to use a graphic as a mail signature. You can do it from an image stored in your Google Drive or an external hosting site, such as ImageShack. It even allows you to use a photo that is on your hard drive, but before it asks you to upload it to your Google Drive account. All these options are available by clicking on the Insert image icon :

Once you have finished writing the text and choose the image click on Save changes :

How to create an email signature in Gmail for Android

The process for creating an email signature in the Gmail app for Android is slightly different than the creation process on a desktop or laptop computer.

The signature you create in the Gmail application will be used for all messages sent through the mobile device. Similarly, if you have created an email signature in the web version, it will be maintained for all emails sent from the web browser. These two signatures will exist simultaneously, so be sure to use it on both computers.

To create an email signature in Gmail for Android, open the application. In the upper left corner, touch the Menu button. Go to the bottom of the page, then touch Configuration. Select the account in which you want to add an email signature, then touch Signature. Enter the text for your email signature and then touch OK.

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