Gaming Laptop MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI, Titan Pro Review Specs 2018 US


MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro 4K and MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI  is the world’s first gaming laptop for comfortable gaming. Its key advantage is the processor  Intel Core i7 7820HK  with Kaby Lake architecture, along with the top-end graphics card  nVidia Geforce GTX 1080  with support for the G-Sync , has 8 GB of its own generation of video GDDR5X, which provides rapid processing of image data. RAM 32 GB DDR4, efficiently process the information and allow you to enjoy the game world in all its diversity.

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Fantastic speed and victory over rivals – the dream of every enthusiastic gamer. Before this beautiful laptop MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro 4K with phenomenal power and compact body is simply impossible to resist. Brushed metal and fine outlines inspired matt black racing superpenalties – design worthy best gaming laptops and notebook MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro 4K, not having equal in kiberrealnosti. This combination of ingredients makes this laptop is the most powerful!

MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI: For the speed of the system is responsible quad processor Kaby Lake from the Intel Core i7-7820HK, the allocated 32 GB DDR4. The data storage system is represented by a hard disk 1TB and Super RAID 4 system, the union of the array two solid M.2 storage capacity of 128 GB. A special pride of the manufacturer – is set to MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro 4K very powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080. graphics card supports the ability to connect up to 3 external displays 4K, but also has VR Ready certificate.

Gaming Laptop MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI, Titan Pro Review Specs 2018 US
Gaming Laptop MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI, Titan Pro Review Specs 2018 US

In this article, we will discuss a new model of MSI GT73VR 7RE Titan SLI 4K, the distinctive feature of which is the availability of top-end quad-core processor, two discrete graphics cards, combined in SLI, and very productive storage subsystem based on RAID-array of NVMe SSD-drives. These are the Best Gaming Laptops.

Laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE Titan SLI 4K comes in very large cardboard box with a handle on which are painted all the advantages of this model. 

In addition to the laptop supplied traditionally includes a user manual, warranty card for 2 years, DVD-disk with drivers and utilities, a single DVD-disk with Antivirus Kaspersky (and do not think that it purchased version) and two power supply adapter 230 Watt (19.5; 11,8 A). 

Note that only one in a notebook (uses a four-) connector for connecting an external power supply, so that the two power adapter together with a special unit, which is already connected directly to the laptop. Powered laptop is just one power adapter will not work.

Configurations laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE Titan SLI may be different and different model processor, memory, data storage subsystem and even type and screen resolution.

We tested the model was the full name of MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K. Specification of the notebook shown in the table.

MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI Specs 2018 Review
CPUIntel Core i7-7820HK
chipsetIntel CM238
RAM32 GB DDR4-2400 (4 × 8 GB)
Video Subsystem2 × Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 (8 GB GDDR5) mode in SLI
Screen17.3 inches, 3840 × 2160, matt, IPS
(AUO B173ZAN01.0)
audio subsystemRealtek ALC899
Storage device2 × SSD in RAID 0, a total volume of 512 GB (Samsung NVMe MZVPW256HEGL, PCIe 3.0 x4 , M.2)
1 × HDD 1 TB (HGST HTS721010A9E630, 7200 rev / min, SATA600)
optical driveno
KartovodSD (XC/HC)
network interfacesWired networkKiller E2500 Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless networkKiller Wireless-AC 1535
BluetoothBluetooth v.4.1
Interfaces & PortsUSB (3.0/2.0)5/0
USB 3.1Type-C (Intel Thunderbolt 3.0)
HDMIthere is
Mini-DisplayPort v1.2there is
RJ-45there is
microphone inputthere is
Headphone outputthere is
Line outthere is
Line inputthere is
Input DevicesKeyboardbacklit unit NumPad
touchpadtwo-button touchpad
IP-telephonyWebcamHD (1080p@30 fps)
Microphonethere is
BatteryLithium-Ion 75 Wh
Dimensions428 × 287 × 49 mm (24 mm at the narrowest point)
Weight without power adapters4.2 kg
Weight with power adapters6.4 kg
power adapters2 × 230 W (19.5 V, 16.9 A)
operating systemWindows 10 (64-bit)

So, the foundation of our laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K is a quad-core processor the Intel Core i7-7820HK (Kaby Lake) with an unlocked multiplier. It has a nominal clock rate of 2.9 GHz, which is a Turbo Boost mode may be increased to 3.9 GHz. After BIOS setting can be changed up CPU multiplier to x50. For more information about overclocking capabilities of a notebook, we’ll continue.

The processor supports Hyper-Threading (8 threads), the size of its L3 cache is 8 MB, and the estimated maximum power technology – 45 watts. This integrated graphics processor Intel HD Graphics core 630.

Of course, only one processor to the GPU gaming solutions is insufficient, so the laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K mounted two discrete MXM-Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics card 1070 8GB GDDR5 VRAM each, which are combined in SLI mode. This circumstance makes the laptop very productive gaming solution.

However, on the notebook has a separate button, which allows you to switch between the graphics core CPU and discrete graphics cards. Merely pressing the button is not enough – switching occurs after rebooting the laptop. Burning lights of the button means that used discrete graphics cards, and if the button is not highlighted, use the processor graphics.

As it turned out during the test, in SLI mode, stressful loading graphics card GPUs are clocked at 1569 MHz, and the memory of them – at a frequency of 2003 MHz.

MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI: To insert the memory SO-DIMM-modules in the laptop four slots intended. In this case, the laptop four identical memory module DDR4-2400 8GB (Kingston MSI24D4S7D8MB-8), and, of course, working memory in dual mode have been established. Note that the maximum amount of memory supported by a laptop is 64 GB.  Data storage subsystem in a laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K is a combination of multiple storage devices. First of all, these are two NVMe SSD-drive Samsung MZVPW256HEGL (PCIe 3.0 x4, M.2) of 256 GB, which are combined into RAID-0 array level.

It is clear that the RAID array-install the operating system and all applications, and HDD-disk used for data storage.

All in a notebook one location to install a 2.5-inch drive and the SATA-three M.2 connector. Wherein the two connectors are of type M-key, and one connector – socket wrench type B. Type B with a key for SATA-devices and plugs of type M key support Storage interface PCIe 3.0 x4 and SATA.

Accordingly, in light of these connectors, various embodiments of configurations of the data storage subsystem.

Making Connections are determined by the presence of a wireless network adapter Killer Wireless-AC 1535, which meets the specifications Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac and Bluetooth 4.1.  In addition, the laptop has a Gigabit Ethernet interface on the basis of Killer E2500 controller.  Audio subsystem notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K based on HDA-codec Realtek ALC899. The notebook chassis are placed subwoofer and two speakers the Dynaudio, and the left side of the case, there are four types of audio jacks minijack (microphone, headphone, line-in, line-out).

It remains to add that the laptop is equipped with a built-in HD-webcam (1080p @ 30 fps), located above the screen, as well as a non-removable lithium-ion battery capacity of 75 Wh. 

The top of the lid is made of a thin sheet of aluminum, trimmed under polished metal black. Emblazoned on the cover of the illuminated logo in the shape of a shield with a dragon (logo MSI gaming notebook series) and silver MSI logo of the company. The thickness of the cover is 10 mm. It is quite rigid and does not flex when pressed.

Also, aluminum is formed and the working surface of the notebook framing keyboard and touchpad. The rest of the body is made of conventional black opaque plastic.

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At the bottom of the notebook, there are ventilation holes, closed mesh black and red. Ventilation holes occupy most of the area of ​​the bottom of the chassis.

The frame around the screen is quite wide: its thickness to the sides is 21 mm from the top – 24 mm, bottom – 30 mm. At the top of the screen frame in the center is a webcam and two microphones tiny holes, and bottom – MSI logo mirror. 

All buttons in the laptop to the right of the keyboard: the power button, video card switch button, Cooler Boost (inclusion of the maximum speed of the cooling system fan speed), Steel Series Engine (keyboard backlight control) and XSplit Gamecaster (to activate the online broadcast during the game ). 

LED indicators laptop condition placed on the front face of the housing. Total of three indicators: activity data storage subsystems working wireless adapter, and battery level.

At the rear end of the body is an HDMI connector, Mini-DisplayPort connector, USB 3.1 Type-C, RJ-45 connector and pin power supply connector. Note that the USB 3.1 port is implemented on the Intel controller Thunderbolt 3.0. Given the existence of the video outputs HDMI, Mini-DisplayPort and USB 3.1 (Thunderbolt 3.0), to a laptop, you can connect three external monitors.

Laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K can be easily disassembled, which you need to remove the bottom panel of the case by unscrewing a few screws. You can then access the HDD, SSD, two memory slots and the cooling system.


The notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K island type keyboard used with increased distance between the keys.

The keys is 2 mm and the pressing force – 61 g. Reverse otschelkivanie key occurs at a residual force 27 g. keys standard size (15 × 15 mm), a distance of 3.5 mm between the keys.

The keys are black and white symbols on the keys.

Keyboard has three-level RGB-illumination, which can be adjusted using the tools included in the kit. Side ends are highlighted keys. The symbols on the keys are also backlit, but dull.

Traditionally, the MSI notebook keyboard Windows key is not to the left, as usual, and on the right. This is to ensure that accidental pressing this button during the game did not lead to such consequences as a way out of the game.

keyboard base is very rigid and does not bend when you print.

In our opinion, the keys on the keyboard is not very good spring-loaded and printed press felt bad fixation. We would appreciate a keyboard as a good, but not excellent.


The notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K used the classic two-button touchpad. Its dimensions constitute the touch surface 109 × 65 mm. Sizes Buttons – 53 × 18 mm.

The touchpad buttons have a stroke of 1.5 mm and quite hard. the pressing force of 220 g

The touchpad supports multi-touch technology.

The touch surface of the touchpad and its buttons are separated from the working surface of the rim, which is highlighted in red when activating the keyboard backlighting.

In this paper, we do not really like the touchpad. It is typical for MSI gaming notebook touchpad, and it has the typical drawback inherent in all touchpad MSI gaming laptops: if you hold your finger on the touch-sensitive surface, the cursor can begin to move in any direction. Often this cursor behavior leads to negative consequences, such as moving a file folder to another. It manifested not always, but this effect is very bad.

audio path

As already mentioned, the audio subsystem notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K based on NDA-codec Realtek ALC899, and two Dynaudio loudspeakers and a subwoofer mounted in the notebook chassis.

The maximum level of the built-in speakers and volume is sufficient for gaming and for watching videos and listening to music. In this case, the maximum level does not rattling volume, no metallic shades to reproduce high tones. However, on subjective sensations, the sound from the built-in acoustics, get some flat and featureless. Despite the presence of a subwoofer, the bass is not felt. And to appreciate the difference between what we would like, and that is, in reality, simply switch on the headset. The headphones sound reproduction close to what can be called perfect.

Traditionally, for the evaluation of the output sound path designed for headphones or external speakers, we are testing using an external sound card Creative E-MU 0204 USB and utility RightMark Audio Analyzer 6.3.0. A similar test we tried to spend and a laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE Titan SLI 4K. However, in this case, apparently, there is some kind of hardware incompatibility, the test results were very bad, and clearly not in line with what it actually is. We will not even give them, and confine ourselves to the subjective evaluation.


The notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K used IPS-matrix AUO B173ZAN01.0 LED backlight based on white LEDs. The matrix has a matte anti-glare coating, its diagonal size of 17.3 inches. Screen Resolution – 3840 × 2160 pixels. Laptop screen MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K supports the G-Sync technology.

According to the specification, AUO B173ZAN01.0 matrix has a brightness of 400 cd / m², the contrast of 1000: 1 and the response time (the total time of switching on and off of the pixel) 30 ms. The vertical and horizontal viewing angles are identical and comprise 89 ° (according to the procedure CR <10).

The matrix in the laptop does not flicker in the entire range of brightness changes.

According to our measurements, the maximum brightness of the screen on a white background is 398 cd / m². When the maximum luminance value range of the screen is 2.37. The minimum brightness of the screen on a white background is 20 cd / m².

Screen Test Results
Maximum brightness white398 cd / m²
Minimal white brightness20 cd / m²

The color gamut of an LCD screen in the laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K covers 99.7% sRGB space and 98.6% Adobe RGB, and the color gamut volume was 149.5% by volume sRGB and 103.0% of Adobe RGB. This is a very large color gamut.

Filters of LCD matrix is ​​very well isolated primary colors. The spectrum clearly distinguished red, green and blue colors.

The color temperature of the LCD screen notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K stable throughout the gray scale and is approximately 6200 K.

The stability of the color temperature is due to the good balance of the primary colors throughout the grayscale.

As for color accuracy (delta E), its value does not exceed 10, which is acceptable for this class of screens.

Horizontal and vertical viewing angles are very wide. When you look at the image at an angle of the color is not distorted.

In general we can say that the screen on a laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K excellent. Wide color gamut, excellent viewing angles, matte finish. In short, a decent screen for top-end gaming notebook model.

MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI: Overclocking capabilities and work load

As already noted, laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K based on the processor Intel Core i7-7820HK unlocked multiplier and through BIOS setting can be changed up CPU multiplier to x50. In general, the ability to overclock the processor in laptops sold extremely rare (even if the laptop is equipped with a processor K-series). Accordingly, we tested the laptop under load as the default settings, and in the acceleration mode. To stress the CPU load we used Prime95 utility (Small FFT test), and the monitoring was carried out with the use of tools and AIDA64 CPU-Z.

Thus, we consider the work of the laptop under stress CPU without overclocking and overclocking.

operation without acceleration

Recall that the processor operating mode without acceleration (with default settings) nominal clock frequency of the processor cores is 2.9 GHz, and the maximum frequency in Turbo Boost mode may be increased to 3.9 GHz.

If the CPU load utility Prime95, which is the hardest heats processor, the clock frequency of the processor cores of 3.5 GHz.

Temperature of processor cores thus reaches 88 ° C, and the CPU power consumption is 63 watts.

MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI Overclocking

Now consider the processor operation in a state of acceleration. We managed to increase the multiplication factor of processor cores to x45, so we sped up the processor to a frequency of 4.5 GHz. This, of course, does not mean that at any CPU it will run at a frequency of 4.5 GHz.

In particular, when the stress utility Prime95 CPU clock frequency of the processor cores is only 3.6 GHz, that is only slightly higher than in the embodiment without acceleration.

Temperature of processor cores in this mode almost reaches the critical value at 96 ° C, and the power consumption is 75 watts.

One would think: why bother to overclock the CPU, if the mode of its maximum load it does nothing? However, here we must consider that we are talking about a stressful CPU using a special test. In real applications, even at 100 percent CPU usage, and it runs cooler, and power consumption is lower.

In particular, if the CPU load using test AIDA64 Stress CPU package, the situation is as follows. processor cores operate at a frequency of 4.5 GHz.

Temperature of processor cores in this mode is 80 ° C, and the power consumption is 47 watts.

As we see in the processor load moderate acceleration mode has real meaning and contributes to increased productivity.

MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI drive performance

As already noted, the data storage subsystem laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K is a combination of two NVMe SSD-drives Samsung MZVPW256HEGL, combined in RAID-array level 0, and a 2.5-inch HDD HGST HTS721010A9E630. Of interest are, above all, the speed characteristics of RAID-array, which is used as system storage.

Utility ATTO Disk Benchmark determines the maximum speed of RAID-array sequential reads at 3,500 MB / s and sequential write speed – at the level of 2900 MB / s. Today it is a record high result.

We also give the results of testing popular utilities CrystalDiskMark and AS-SSD.

Noise level

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the high-performance gaming notebook with two powerful cooler proved to be quite noisy.

Noise measurement was conducted in a special acoustic chamber and sensing microphone is positioned relative to the laptop to mimic the typical situation of the user’s head. According to our measurements in idle mode, the noise level emitted by a laptop, is 21 dB. This is a very low noise level, which actually merges with the natural background level of the day in the office, and “hear” the laptop can not be in this mode.

In stressful CPU mode (no acceleration) using Prime95 (Small FFT) utility noise level of 45.2 dB. Almost the same (45.0 dBA), the noise level will be, if the load in the stress mode, only video. This is a very high level of noise in this mode, the laptop will be noticeably stand out from other devices even in a noisy environment.

If both the download and the video card, and processor, the noise level increases to 51.8 dB. There is a feeling that the laptop is now soar.

If activate maximum mode notebook cooling (Cooler Boost), the level of emitted noise increases to 53.8 dB. With such a roar with a laptop, you can work only in a good headphones.

load scenarioNoise level
idle mode21 dBA
Stress CPU usage45.2 dBA
Stress loading cards45.0 dBA
Stress loading graphics cards and processor51.8 dBA
Режим Cooler Boost53.8 dBA

Battery life

Measurement of laptop operation time we performed offline by our method using the script iXBT Battery Benchmark v.1.0 . Recall that we measure the battery life with the screen brightness of 100 cd / m².

When measuring runtimes used by the graphics processor core.

Laptop for stationary (and game models certainly considered stationary), the battery life is not an important characteristic. Roughly speaking, MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K is not intended to be used in stand-alone mode. Nevertheless, once the notebook has a battery, let’s see what it offers.

We measured the battery life only in the video playback. Measurement of battery life in operation, with the text, we do not even have to carry out, because this laptop is very strange mode of use.

load scenarioWorking hours
View video3 hrs. 04 min.

As expected, battery life is very small. By and large, this laptop battery is only as UPS cases brief power outage.

MSI GT73VR TITAN SLI performance tests


For clarity, we have also added the results of testing 17-inch gaming notebook MSI GT72VR 7RE-483RU Dominator Pro with slightly weaker hardware configuration.

Since the notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K supports overclocking, it would be wise to take advantage of. Therefore laptop performance testing we conducted in overclocking mode, and without it. Note that to achieve stable operation in real-world applications, we only managed to disperse the processor to a frequency of 4.4 GHz. However, this is only a nominal maximum overclocking, but in reality, when CPU load its kernel in many applications to run at a lower frequency. For example, in applications videokonvertirovaniya processor operating frequency is 3.9 GHz.

Test results for the benchmark iXBT Application Benchmark 2017 are shown in the table. Results were calculated on five purlin each test with a confidence level of 95%.

Logical grouping testsReference system
(Core i7-6700K)
MSI GT72VR 7RE-483RU Dominator ProMSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K (acceleration up to 4,4 GHz)MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K (without overclocking)
MediaCoder x64, с105,7±1,5130,3±1,5112,0±0,6123,2±0,7
HandBrake 0.10.5, с103,1±1,6129,2±0,4109,64±0,28121,15±0,19
Rendering, tenths10079,71±0,2299,4±0,585,23±0,25
POV-Ray 3.7, с138,09±0,21171,9±0,3134,0±1,2161,4±0,3
LuxRender 1.6 x64 OpenCL, с252,7±1,4317,7±1,4251,0±1,3300,0±1,5
Vlender 2.77a, with220,7±0,9278,4±1,9233,5±2,1256,9±1,8
Video editing and creating video, tenths10087,9±0,3106,9±0,589,42±0,25
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.4, с186,9±0,5128,86±0,03113,8±1,4124,97±0,11
Magix Vegas Pro 13, с366,0±0,5417±5331±3408,8±3,0
Magix Movie Edit Pro 2016 Premium v., с187,1±0б4214±3185,1±2,6217,8±2,1
Adobe After Effects CC 2015.3, с578,5±0,5668,7±1,0523,0±2,1653±3
Photodex ProShow Producer 8.0.3648, p254,0±0,5294,0±0,5232,0±1,1284,4±1,1
Digital photo processing, points10082,8±0,6108,3±0,897,2±0,5
Adobe Photoshop CС 2015.5, с520,7±1,6516,5±0,8427±3480±3
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom SS 2015.6.1, with182,4±2,9284,0±0,5188±4204,5±2,8
PhaseOne Capture One Pro, с318±8362±8296,3±1,2333,8±1,5
OCR, points10081,7±0,4101,6±0,784,9±0,4
Abbyy FineReader 12 Professional, с442,4±1,4541,2±2,9435,3±3,0521,2±2,3
Archiving, points10084,9±0,9104,6±1,193,1±0,3
WinRAR 5.40 СPU, с91,65±0,05107,9±1,187,6±0,998,5±0,3
Scientific calculations, points10087,4±1,8106,23±0,691,5±0,4
LAMMPS 64-bit 20160516, с397,3±1,1457±4366,0±2,2441,2±0,9
NAMD 2.11, с234,0±1,0288±4228,7±2,8270,8±1,3
FFTW 3.3.5, ms32,8±0,632±329,8±0,629,3±0,4
Mathworks Matlab 2016a, с117,9±0,6145,1±2,9114,8±1,3143,3±1,0
Dassault SolidWorks 2016 SP0 Flow Simulation, с252,5±1,6292±9234,6±2,0283±3
The speed of file operations, tenths100219±3309,7±3,0260,8±1,7
WinRAR 5.40 Storage, с81,9±0,532,0±0,623,32±0,2228,00±0,12
UltraISO Premium Edition, с54,2±0,635,5±0,528,8±0,1434,2±0,4
Speed ​​up data, with41,51±0,2815,5±0,59,22±0,2410,86±0,16
The integrated CPU result, scores10083,5±0,3102,92±0,2589,44±0,13
Integrated Storage result, tenths100219±3309,7±3,0260,8±1,7
The integral of the productivity, tenths100111,5±0,6143,2±0,5123,3±0,3

According to the integral results in the processor tests the laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K mode without acceleration lags behind our reference system based on the Intel Core i7-6700K processor only 10%, and in the acceleration mode, he is ahead of the reference system by 3%.

If we talk about the integral result of performance (subject tests, depending on the system drive), then in the mode without overclocking laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K superior to our reference PC by 23%, and in the acceleration mode – by 43%. Overclocking a processor in a laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K allows to increase its integrated productivity by 16%, and taking into account the acceleration this notebook processor has a record high level of performance. And it is necessary to take into account that we did not aim the maximum overclock, but just change the multiplier of processor cores in the BIOS settings. These settings also allow you to “play” with the CPU voltage, change the frequency of the BCLK clock, change memory settings (timings, frequency). That is, if you ask for, you can squeeze out of this notebook, and better performance.

Now look at the results of testing the notebook MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K gaming. Testing was performed at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and 3840 × 2160 in gaming mode setting on the maximum and minimum quality. Usually we use resolution of 1920 × 1080 and 2560 × 1440, but the resolution of 2560 × 1440 this notebook does not support a resolution of 1920 × 1080 for this configuration should not present any difficulty, so MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K, we decided to make an exception and test (in fact, in the manual mode) all games even at a resolution of 3840 × 2160.

To evaluate the advantage of using two graphics cards, the test was performed one time when using two graphics cards Nvidia GeForce GTX in SLI mode in 1070, and another time when disabled SLI technology.

When tested in games used video driver version Nvidia ForceWare 381.65. Note that in our standard test suite includes the game World of Tanks, but for unknown reasons this game is not working on a laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU Titan SLI 4K video driver from Nvidia ForceWare 381.65, so it had to be excluded from the test.

The results of testing at a resolution of 3840 × 2160 are as follows:

game testResult, FPS
SLI modewithout SLI
maximum qualityminimum qualitymaximum qualityminimum quality
Battlefield 141,4±0,8198,2±1,439,4±0,8195,3±2,4
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided9,5±0,1454,3±1,65,0±0,1441,4±1,6
Ashes of the Singularity49±1,173±2,833,4±1,172,6±2,8
Far Cry Primal48±0,872±1,132,1±0,846,3±1,1
Rise of the Tomb Raider28,1±0,599±415,37±0,1578,4±4
F1 201642±0,5100±1143±0,599±11
Hitman (2016)18,36±0,478,56±313,41±0,472,54±3
Total War: Warhammer54±0,7121,1±530,3±0,770,3±5
Dark Souls III53,2±0,559,9±0,434,7±0,459,9±0,3
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim45,5±0,459,7±0,645,4±0,360,0±0,4

The results of testing at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 are as follows:

game testResult, FPS
SLI modewithout SLI
maximum qualityminimum qualitymaximum qualityminimum quality
Battlefield 141,4±0,8198,2±2,442,36±0,8195,3±2,4
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided30,15±0,1488,6±1,616,47±0,14117,2±1,6
Ashes of the Singularity63,2±1,175,1±2,848,1±1,180,1±2,8
Far Cry Primal82±0,872±1,168,3±0,8126,2±1,1
Rise of the Tomb Raider78,8±7135,46±753,8±0,5183,0±7
F1 201688±0,5198±1191±0,5196±11
Hitman (2016)69,4±0,4134,55±345.48±0,4136,11±3
Total War: Warhammer110,5±0,7255±581,9±0,7192,9±5
Dark Souls III59,9±0,559,8±0,559,87±0,559,9±0,3
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim59,9±0,559,9±0,560,0±0,360,0±0,5

For clarity, we also give the results of testing in the diagrams games:

With the game setup mode to the minimum quality is clear. In all games you can play comfortably at any resolution, both in SLI mode, and without it.

However, it is worth noting that the minimum quality mode at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 for some games activating SLI mode leads to poor results. There are games that do not receive any benefits from the use of SLI mode, but there are games in which the result is increased when SLI mode is turned on.

The highest quality mode at a resolution of 3840 × 2160, even in SLI mode, there are games that are played at high speed will not work. But these games a little bit. But with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 SLI mode activation provides a comfortable level of play in all the games.

Certainly, MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU laptop can be called an uncompromising gaming solution.


To date, the laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU is one of the most powerful solutions in the market, the performance it surpasses many high-end desktop PCs. As for games, it’s a game decision without any reservations. With it you can comfortably play all the games at the maximum quality at a resolution of 1920 × 1080 and in most of the games at a resolution of 3840 × 2160.

Given the excellent design, a record high level of performance and the possibility of overclocking, we have decided to award the laptop MSI GT73VR 7RE-471RU our editorial award Original Design.

Senior Author; Parvinder Singh is a technical writer with a background in Information Technology and Business management, passionate about technology, gadgets and video games.

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