How to turn a computer into a wireless hotspot

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      Connectify Hotspot is a free program that allows you to transform a computer into a real wireless hotspot. This feature should have been part of Windows 7 and also had a name: Virtual WiFi. At the last moment, however, Microsoft has decided not to make it available.

      Connectify lets you enable it: you can use it to connect to a Wi-Fi network and simultaneously provide wireless connectivity via a WPA2-protected virtual access point.

      This possibility can be valuable in many cases. For example, in a hotel that only offers pay-per-view Internet connectivity, you can connect your laptop and a portable device like an iPhone or iPod Touch at the same time without having to pay for two accesses.

      Connectify can also be valuable even without the Internet, to temporarily create a Wi-Fi network with which to exchange files with other computers. If your Wi-Fi card on your PC is not one of those supported, you can still use Connectify to wirelessly deploy a wired network connection.

      Connectify is very easy to configure. Once you open your interface from the icon in the notification area, just click on the Easy Setup Wizard button to launch a procedure that guides you through the few steps you need by ordering the network device to be used as a hotspot, working mode (unsupported wireless cards do not allow you to create an Access Point, but only an open Ad-Hoc network or Wep protection; in this case, Internet connectivity must come from another interface), the SSID, the password and Internet connection you want to share. The HotSpot thus created can be activated and deactivated at any time with an interface button.

      The product is available in a limited edition version or in various paid versions with prices not exceeding 18 euros.

      Click here to download.

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