Store downloaded Netflix content on a microSD card

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      How to store offline Netflix content to a microSD card?

      If you don’t already have an SD card installed in your phone, go get one. You’ll need one that can fit a bunch of movies and TV shows, ideally 8GB or higher.

      1. Insert the microSD card into your phone.
      2. Ensure that the phone can read the card by going into Settings –> Storage and seeing that it is being read.
      3. If the card is seen but not readable, you may need to format it. Tap on the message and follow the instructions. (Note: Formatting will wipe the card’s contents, so make sure you have a backup.)
      4. Once then microSD card is formatted and ready to go, open the Netflix app.

      How to store Netflix content to an SD card on Android:

      STEP #1: Tap on the three-line “hamburger” menu in the top left corner of the Netflix app.

      STEP #2: Tap on App Settings.

      STEP #3: Tap on Download Location.

      STEP #4: Select SD Card.

      STEP #5: Navigate to content that can be downloaded and ensure that it is being stored on SD.

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