How to Share Mouse and Keyboard on Two or more Computers

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      Anyone who has been found to work with multiple computers placed side by side on the same desk knows that one of the most boring, source of errors and frustration is to constantly move from a keyboard and mouse to another, to change context and send commands to the right system. For some time, however, there are various software that allow sharing devices between multiple systems, using the local network to communicate cursor movements and pressed keys.

      One of the most interesting is ShareMouse  that has just reached version 3.0. This software is available in various versions, including a free one for private use, and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. The freeware edition limits concern the number of shared computers and monitors (2) and the absence of a rather interesting function, that is, dragging files and folders from one computer to another.

      The Standard version (about US $ 20) supports this feature and protects the connection with a password, while the Pro edition increases the limits on the number of computers and monitors you can use (9 and 16 respectively) and offers other advanced features, such as screen size compensation, communications encryption, and the ability to send system keys (such as Ctrl + Alt + Delete) to remote computers . The price, however, is close to the US $ 50.

      The operation of ShareMouse is simple: you have to install it on computers to control, start it, and play is done. The remote system will be accessible alongside the local computer, as if it were a second monitor connected to the same machine. Various interesting settings are available in the options, such as ShareMouse, even though the restrictions imposed on the local network do not allow Udp connections to open to custom ports.

      Click here to download the Windows version

      Click here to download the Mac version

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