How to remove the password from a Pdf document


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      Some users have the habit of securing Pdf created documents with a password: it is a simple add-on that is simple to deploy, and useful, for example, to prevent content from being read by unauthorized users. Entering a password at any time, however, becomes uncomfortable if the document needs to be consulted often. In these cases, it is advisable to remove the protection to access the content without wasting time. Learn how to proceed with Adobe Acrobat and then with a nearly universal trick.

      The correct system to remove the password protection of a Pdf document is to switch from a dedicated editor such as Adobe Acrobat. Open the protected file in Acrobat, type the password when prompted, and then select the padlock icon in the toolbar on the left.

      Click the Permission Details link , and select the No Protection item in the Security Methoddrop-down box in the Document Protection section of the Security tab Confirm that you intend to remove the security by clicking OK in the next dialog box, and save the document to make changes permanent. If the document creator was not particularly scrupulous, there is another shortcut to get the same effect: after opening the file with any viewer and entering the correct password, just print it as Pdf to create a new copy without protection .

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