How to modify hidden file explorer options


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      The Windows file manager, called File Explorer in the last incarnations, combines simplicity of use and flexibility. Some advanced users still prefer third-party software, but it is undeniable that the features of this system tool have grown over time, and today can meet the needs of the average user without much difficulty.

      One of its shortcomings is the low configurability: even small steps have been taken in this field, but the structure and appearance of the file manager are still largely fixed and immutable today.

      There are, however, third-party solutions that offer some small additional settings, such as Folder Options X , a freeware for Windows 7 and later designed to restore some options that Microsoft has eliminated over time. The tool can be downloaded from here  as a compressed archive, where the installation file is located.

      As we have already mentioned, Folder Options X has a simple operation: Restores access to some display properties related to the main control that characterizes each File Explorer window: the ListView .

      The tool displays an options window that enables you to activate some otherwise unavailable properties: the first setting enables or disables the entire row selection, the second shows the column headings in all modes (useful, for example, to sort the file). A third option activates the manual reordering of icons and the fourth keeps the focus in the list, to see which files and folders are selected even when the window is not active.

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