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      What is Impressum on Facebook?

      Impressum on Facebook: To enable businesses to create a statement of ownership on their web presence, Facebook introduced this nice and handy option. If in your country it’s required by law to create an Impressum, go ahead and create one with this extremely easy to use tool provided by Facebook. If you are not required to do so, still you can use it to provide your readers/fans further detail and technical legal info about your business/website or brand.

      How can i add an Impressum to my Facebook page?

      Adding Impressum to your page is really a very simple process.

      1) Login to your account and go to your Facebook page.

      2) Click on “About” section, it’s just below your Facebook page’s cover picture.

      3) In about section, you will find all the page info section and editing options for your Facebook pages. You can find the edit option for Impressum just about in the middle of the page, after the Short Description option and before the Company Overview option. It says “Input Impressum for your Page”.

      4) Click to edit and write or copy paste your Impressum text in the field. Please note that there is a limit of characters you can have in your Impressum, it’s 2000 characters.

      Check out the Impressum example image below:

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