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      FreeFileSync is an open source tool for synchronizing files and folders that offers convenient two-panel display and a host of interesting features.

      FreeFileSync allows you to compare files by analyzing the content or by considering the size of the file and the rescue date.

      The synchronization can be of three types: selecting Update the file system and modified files present in the left folder are listed on the right folder) with Mirror the right folder is made identical to that of the left and finally selecting Two-way in both folders shows the new files or updates. It is then possible to compare only files with extensions you want, save the comparison sessions for reuse and then create batch files recallable’s line in command to make syncs.

      Still FreeFileSync supports files larger than 4Gbyte, places no limits on the maximum number of files that can synchronize, requires no installation and provides support for network folders.

      FreeFileSync is available ler Windows, Mac and Linux.

      Click here to download .

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