Fix and Stop antimalware service executable

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      Fix and Stop antimalware service executable

      Follow these steps to stop Fix and Stop antimalware service executable:

      a.      Press Windows key + W and type administrative tools.

      b.      Select Administrative Tools and select Task Scheduler.

      c.       Follow this path in the left hand pane. Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/Windows defender

      d.      Uncheck all the boxes under Idle, Power and Network.

      e.      Now it won’t scan your computer.

      You would have scheduled Windows Defender to do so. So I would suggest you to unschedule Windows Defender to do so and check. Excessive CPU utilization by Windows Defender’s Antimalware Service (MsMpEng.exe) usually means that Windows Defender’s real-time protection (on-access scanning) is being overworked by having to scan files that are being accessed by an unwanted or errant process. The troublesome process might turn out to be malware, a bad device driver, or an overactive logging utility – but in most cases the problematic process will be a component of a third-party AV app, and this can be removed by uninstalling the third-party app and then downloading and running its cleanup utility. Stop antimalware service executable.

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