How to enter special characters in a text

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      A great solution for those who have to enter special characters is Accents of Cloanto, a freeware made by a historic Italian software house that offers many interesting features. The most original is called Apostrophic Magic , and works similarly (but not identical) to the dead keys of the international keyboard. The mechanism, in fact, is inspired by auto-correction features, for example in word-processing editors such as Word: just write a vocal followed by aposter because the tool replaces the two characters with an accented letter.

      Replacement does not happen mechanically: Accents are smart enough to recognize the context and keep the apostrophe in words like a little, and choose the type of correct accent when there are multiple possibilities (for example, with letter e).

      But this is not the only function of Accents: the tool automatically corrects the eufonics, following the rules of the Italian grammar, detects spelling mistakes in five different languages, and allows you to choose multiple characters by repeatedly pressing the same combination of keys.

      Click here to download .

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