How to enable low graphics mode in Ubuntu


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      The Unity desktop Ubuntu is not known to be heavy or exorbitant in terms of graphics resources, but it remains a modern desktop environment, complete with advanced effects, animations, transparencies and other small touches that help make a wonderful navigation and daily work , but may be excessive when the resources offered by the computer on which the operating system is installed are scarce.

      This is particularly true in virtualized environments, which also benefit from the smallest optimizations. To eliminate all the superfluous, Unity 7 offers the so-called Low Graphics Mode, a lighter and easier running mode. Let’s find out how to enable it.

      To modify the Unity setting, use the CompizConfig Settings Manager (CCSM) configuration panel , which can be downloaded from Ubuntu Software:

      • Open the Ubuntu store, type CCSM in the search box, and then click the Install button next to the search result.
      • When the procedure is complete, open the configuration panel; you’ll be greeted by a window that warns you of the potential risks of misunderstanding this tool: it actually offers many advanced configuration options and must be handled with the utmost caution.
      • Open the Ubuntu Unity Plugin page , in the Desktop section . At the bottom of the page you will find the option, Enable Low Graphics Mode . Activate by adding a check mark and close the tool; the new setting will be applied immediately.
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