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      For some time Firefox developers have created the Test Pilot environment , a kind of laboratory used to propose some new experimental features that users can install and test to test their functionality and send feedback on their utility and effectiveness.

      One of the most interesting projects distributed through Test Pilot is Containers , a new way of managing accounts that is halfway between traditional, single-user installation and multiple profiles available in Firefox for years without ever having really got caught.

      The purpose of the container is to maintain a class-leading, single-profile installation, but to allow separate environments to be configured, for example, accessing web resources dedicated to different domains. To make a practical example, you can create separate containers for your home and work, and configure different accounts for e-mail or social network access, even with the same provider.

      To enable this feature just open the in Firefox, and then click the green Install Test Pilot and Active Containers button , which will take care of all the necessary procedures for make the new function operational.

      To use containers just click on the button added to the toolbar and finish the welcome process. At the end of the brief introduction, four preconfigured containers are displayed, dedicated to personal and professional navigation, shopping and financial transactions.

      Of course containers can be added, removed and modified at will. Containers store active tabs, and can also be used as a tool for managing and organizing open pages: some commands allow you to hide all tabs tied to a specific container, or move them to a new window.

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