How to download audio and video from the web and convert the files to the right format

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      FreeStudio is a collection of tools for converting audio and video into multiple formats that can be used by many mobile devices. We also find tools to download videos from YouTube, resize images, record screenshots, and create 3D photos and videos to watch with anaglyphs. The software is also compatible with 4K format.

      The main interface of the program brings together the many conversion tools by category. Each tool has a number of predefined profiles that determine the size and quality of the created file; any changes made to the profile of each tool can be saved to be re-used later. You can also customize the names of the files created by defining the names to be inserted before or after the original filename and separation characters between them. FreeStudio lets you set up more than one file conversion, allowing you to queue up all of our movie collection to create the right version for our mobile device.

      In the YOUTUBE section you will find tools for uploading and downloading videos, converting to Mp3, but also in Dvd format (which can be played back with the traditional Dvd player – without the help of the PC). You can download videos, other than YouTube, from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others.

      Interestingly then the ability to automatically download all the files related to a playlist on the Youtube site. The DVD and Video section allows you to cut movies and save them in Flash (Flv or Swf), or create and burn DVD videos. If you own a phone capable of playing movies, you will find the Mobile section very interesting.

      Supported devices are numerous: Android, BlackBerry, HTC Phones, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and more. The Apple Devices section offers conversion profiles for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.

      Lastly, the possibility to create stereoscopic images and movies – to be seen with anaglyphic goggles – is based on two images or videos, but also from a single file (in this case, the 3D effect will be more moderate).

      Click here to download .

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