How to Disable Check Spelling and Grammar Controls in OneNote

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      Microsoft’s Annotation Management Software offers several advanced editing tools, including a text writing and manipulation environment that has little to envy the most prominent word processors: developers have been able to leverage synergy with other Office suite applications , and in particular Word, to provide OneNote with a complete and efficient set of tools. Among the most advanced features are those that analyze the spelling and syntax of the texts, looking for errors that can be easily corrected.

      When you write a record, however, you do not always look for the perfect prose. On the contrary, many users are accustomed to using contracted formulas, abbreviations, and other less orthodox lexical structures.

      In these cases, the presence of error highlighting tools can only be a nuisance, as they will highlight all unrecognized words and structures, transforming a piece of text into a multicolored patchwork.

      To avoid this hassle, just turn off the correction functions: here’s how to proceed.

      • In the traditional OneNote desktop version, go backstage with a click on the File tab ,and then select the Options item in the left menu.
      • Open the Correction Tools section , in the list on the left, and scroll through the options until you reach the Spelling Correction Group in OneNote .
      • Here you will find the options you are looking for: Check spelling during typing and grammar and spell check . Remove the tabs next to the two items to disable the correction functions.
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