How to Create a System Image in Windows 10


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      And there are many great third-party software to create backup images of Windows installation, but few people know that the same operating system integrates the tools needed to secure all programs, documents, and settings. Compared to specialized tools, some advanced features (such as those that allow you to restore your backup to a computer other than the source) are lacking, but system tools are a great way to make a backup copy without being forced to buy commercial software. Here’s how to find these functions and use them best.

      The first step, at least in Windows 10, is to find backup software: it is part of the system utilities from Windows 7 themes but is not advertised.

      Reach the search box and type backup; The first results will show the Backup and Restore (Windows 7)  entry . Select it to open the backup tool interface, identical to the one available in earlier versions of the operating system 

      To start configuring a new backup, click the Create System Image link in the left pane that opens an organized configuration interface as a wizard Select the backup destination: it can be stored in a local partition (other than the source), on a range of optical DVD media, or even in a network share. Enter your preferred destination and click the Next button to move to the next window  If there is more than one partition, this second step allows you to select the drives you want to include in your backup: Add a check mark next to the disks to save, and then click Next to reach a summary window  Make sure all settings are correct, click Start backup, and be prepared for a rather long wait.

      Once the backup is complete , you need a last step: create a recovery disk that will allow you to return to the saved image in case of problems. The backup utility itself suggests to do this step, but you can recall the dedicated feature at any time by typing recdisc into the Windows search box.

      In the next window  , select the drive letter of the burner and click Create diskafter inserting a virgin support.

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