How to copy an entire site locally to view it offline

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      WebCopy is part of that program category that allows you to download an entire website locally to view it offline.

      Compared to similar tools WebCopy offers some features that make it particularly interesting. It offers, for example, a tree view of the site structure and allowing the downlod of private areas after providing the necessary credentials.

      To start downloading a site, simply specify the url . You can then create rules to exclude, for example, certain sections of the site. Through the definition of rules we may indicate that we do not download files with a certain extension. In defining these rules, we can also use regular expressions ( Regex ) and perform high complexity filters on urls to define which elements to exclude or include in downloading the site (find a brief tutorial at this address ).

      The program allows you to set different Agent to believe the server hosting the site we are downloading that navigates through the browser.

      Click here to download .

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