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      The Facebook news feed, in Section News, is the most important page and used by almost all social network users. The governing algorithm decides which information, postings and updates will be seen by each user, and which will remain hidden or end up in the background, and therefore have less chance of being noticed. But Facebook offers some options to change the news selection criterion, though only a few users know all the details. Here’s how to proceed.

      The starting point for changing the selection criteria is the News Settings page: Go to the Facebook home page and complete the authentication, then click the down arrow icon on the far right of the bar of the tools, and select Preferences from the News section in the drop-down menu. A friendly options panel will open, which offers various useful activities to change display priority. The first task to do is to give priority to your closest friends, or to those who publish more interesting information: Click Decide who to see first of all, and select the people to whom you prioritize.

      Conversely, you may decide not to follow the contacts that publish unpleasant or unnecessary information; even in this case just click on its element and select the offending users. Similarly, the next two options allow you to delete the settings Do not follow additions in the past and display new pages that seem to match the specific interests of the user (though the accuracy of these suggestions leaves you wanting). The last panel entry, See more options, also allows you to hide or view updates from specific applications.

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