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      Chromebook keyboard shortcuts:

      Shortcut #1: See all the shortcuts with Control + Alt + / (see a full keyboard overlay with Control + Alt + ?)

      Shortcut #2: You can Open file manager on Chromebook by using Alt + Shift + m

      Shortcut #3: Launch an app from your shelf  on Chromebook with Alt + 1 through 8

      Shortcut #4: Open the browser menu on your chromebook with Alt + e

      Shortcut #5: Snap open windows with Alt + [ (snap to the left side) and Alt + ] (snap to the right side)

      Shortcut #6: Turn a word into a URL by typing it into the Ominbar then pressing Control + Enter

      Shortcut #7: Move the cursor by the word instead of the letter in a text field with Control + right/left arrows.

      Shortcut #8: Open Chromebook notifications by Using Control + Alt + n on your chromebook

      Shortcut #9: Switch tabs with Control + 1 through 8 (open the last tab on the right with Control + 9)

      Shortcut #10: Reopen the last tab you closed with Control + Shift + T

      Chromebook keyboard shortcuts?

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