How to change the Outlook home folder

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      By  default, Outlook opens the Inbox of the first configured email account; but it may happen that this is not the most frequently used account, so what you would like to see first, or it is more useful to view a different folder than your Inbox, for example because through rules and automation you created a new folder containing the most urgent notifications and missions.

      Who knows where to look can solve the problem by editing the open folder at the start of the program; we discover together how to do it.

      First open Outlook and go backstage with a click on the File label in the Ribbon (Figure A). Select the Options item in the left pane to open the labyrinth Outlook Settings window (Figure B) . Select the Advanced section in the list on the left (figure C) and locate the Start and Close sections of Outlook.

      Click the Browse button , next to the Outlook Launcher box , to invoke a further dialog box that lets you select the folder to open at startup (Figure D). It is useful to note that the list of folders is not a simple list, but a real tree: if you want to select a folder located within another folder, you must first open the tree branch by clicking the arrow next to it to the main folder name (figure E) . Confirm with OK, then close the Outlook Options window, also in this case with the OK button; the new settings are now saved; close the program and open it again: you will be automatically transported to the selected folder and account.

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