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      According to the reports, iPhone 7 will be coming out without the 3.5mm headphone jack and iPhone 7s will no longer require a power charging cord. As for the rumors, the wireless technology will not be dependent on a charging pad or mat.

      Guys just give your views

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      According to the reports, iPhone 7 will be coming out without the 3.5mm headphone jack and iPhone 7s will no longer require a power charging cord. As for the rumors, the wireless technology will not be dependent on a charging pad or mat.

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      iPhone 7: never run out of battery with long-range wireless charging

      Apple looks set to introduce a new, long-distance wireless charging system for its iPhones in 2017, according to the latest rumours.

      Bloomberg cited a source close to the company and “familiar with its plans” confirming that the tech giant is interested in bringing wireless charging capabilities to its smartphone, but only when the technology has developed enough to allow them to be charged at a distance.

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      Apple device could have next-gen WiFi replacement
      The technology, developed at the University of Edinburgh, uses light from specialized LED bulbs to transmit binary data, rather than radio waves.

      This means that rather than normal WiFi speeds, LiFi has been able to reach a staggering bi-directional transfer rate of 224Gb per second.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t work through obstacles, and is still quite a long way from being a mainstream technology.

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      wireless charging with the iPhone 7
      Adding fuel to the wireless charging fire, Bloomberg today reported that Apple is working with partners in the U.S. and Asia to develop new wireless charging technology that could be deployed on its mobile devices in 2017.

      “We still expect [wireless charging with the iPhone 7], but this latest rumor suggests a longer term look at much greater spatial freedom — claiming to take away the charging pad altogether,” David Green, a research manager at IHS Technology, said in a report today.

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      iPhone 7: Wireless Charging

      This could be THE killer feature of the iPhone 7. Wireless charging has come a long way in the last few years and it would be killer if Apple introduced it on the next iPhone. It’s doubtful that if Apple does add wireless charging to the next iPhone it would use any kind of conduction pad. Instead it would take advantage of true “wi-fi charging” that allows devices to be powered when they are within reach of a base station.

      Similarly, Apple has also filed patents around the field of wireless charging. “Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 8,645,604 for ‘Device orientation based docking functions’ describes a method in which a portable device, such as an iPhone or iPad, can change docking behaviours as a function of its orientation with a host device or position on a wireless inductive charging mat,” reports Apple Insider.

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      iPhone 7 will feature wireless charging

      Apple’s latest phone – the iPhone 7 – will reportedly include wireless charging and wireless headphones.

      The latest device will include noise cancelling technology and feature a single, multipurpose lightning port that will double up as a headphone port as well as charger, according to technology publication Fast Company .

      The moves are expected to result in a far thinner handset, but in order to do that the standard 3.5mm headphone port would need to go.

      The website claims Apple is working with its longtime audio chip partner Cirrus Logic to adapt the audio chipset in the iPhone to work with the Lightning port.

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      iPhone 7 and the wireless charging

      The iPhone would still need a Lightning port, and unlike the diagnostic port on the Apple Watch, it would have to stay exposed. Wireless charging, though improving, still isn’t as fast as wired. Nor is wireless data transfer as reliable. But it’s still convenient.

      If rumors are true and Apple wants to remove the 3.5mm headphone jack, though, wireless charging would let you replenish the battery without taking up the one and only remaining port. You could charge inductively while listening to music over Lightning headphones, for example, or while conducting a lengthy interview through an external Lightning mic.

      Bluetooth—or the new 802.11ah standard—and Wi-Fi can alleviate the problem from the data transfer side, but being able to alleviate it from the charging side as well makes for much greater flexibility.

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      iPhone 7 to feature wireless charging and waterproof body

      The next iPhone will charge wirelessly like an Apple Watch, and also boast new protective waterproof capabilities, it has been reported

      Support for the QI charging technology, which charges phones when they are placed on and inductive pad, will feature in the new model, a source told Fast Company.
      The iPhone 7 will also boast a waterproof body thanks to chemical coating and will do away with the iPhone’s headphone jack, as previously reported.
      If wireless charging is introduced, the iPhone 7 would join many Android models, including Samsung’s Galaxy S6 flagship, which are capable of charging by resting them on pads, instead of being physically plugged into a cable. The technology does not allow charging to be done over the air, but requires phones to be placed on a special surface.

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