5 Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

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      Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone? Did your iPhone run out of battery just when you needed it the most? Calm down, you’re not the first one that happens to you, and you probably will not be the last one either. To avoid this kind of misfortunes it is advisable to always carry one of the portable battery chargers. Here you can find a selection with the best and most varied available for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s or Plus 6S: Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

      1 Wireless iQi Wireless Charger | Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

      It is one of the most popular wireless charging chargers. Its design is like a sticker, even thinner than a credit card and fits perfectly with the case of the mobile phone.

      Once the charger is connected to the device through the Dock port you just have to place your smartphone on the base to be able to load it. Once the load is complete you can remove it from the same base.

      The only negative point I find is that while we are using this charger we will not be able to connect the cable if you need to connect.

      You can not put near credit cards or cards that have magnetic stripe because it can damage them.

      If you have not been completely clear you can help this other video tutorial where you are told how to use.

      2 JETech | Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

      It could be perfectly the best option for those looking for a portable charger at a good price. Easy to carry, this charger allows to complete up to five loads of the iPhone 6. It has a load capacity of 10,000 mAh. Its design is quite simple, rectangular, fine and black.

      3 Levin solar charger |  Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

      With this device you can charge the battery of your iPhone even if the life of the charger itself is exhausted. It has a solar panel that allows the iPhone to charge as long as the phone receives the sun’s rays.

      4 RAVPower Charger  | Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

      This is the best pocket charger we can find on the market today. Despite its small size, it has a load capacity of  5,200 mAh,  which allows to complete up to almost two loads of an iPhone 6.

      It is also manufactured with the iSmart fast charge technology, which allows to charge the battery of our iPhone at the maximum speed allowed.

      You can find it in the Amazon store for up to 55% discount.

      5 Aukey Ultra-Resistant Portable Charger | Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

      Perhaps a little bulky, this charger, which also serves as a cover to avoid major evils, is capable of completing up to 500 loads.

      6 BackBone Case iPhone 5 / 5S | Best Portable Battery Chargers for iPhone

      This other wireless charger for iPhone 5 and 5S is a product manufactured by the company Dog and Bone cases that also serves as protective cover of the mobile phone.

      It works as a wireless charger thanks to a base and an accessory that is placed in the back of the case. But one can acquire an additional accessory, the battery of 900mAh, with which you will be able to maintain the battery of your Phone 5 / 5S. This accessory costs $ 49.95.

      Protect your cell phone against falls, it has the military certification MIL STD 810F which can withstand blows from a height of four feet.

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