iPhone Is Disabled: How to Recover Your iPhone without iTunes Backup

If the owner of iPhone suddenly forgot the password, most likely he will try to find it in his memory and start typing various combinations of characters that will come to mind. After the user enters six incorrect combinations, the device sees a message on the device that the device is disabled, and you can repeat the input of the symbol combination for one minute.


If the user enters an incorrect combination of characters nine times on the iPhone, the device will be disabled and the operation will be repeated only after one hour has elapsed.

This result of incorrect password entry can be expected if the seventh version of the operating system is on the iPhone. If other firmware are installed on your smartphone, the device lockout time may increase. After 10 incorrect password entries, the screen shows that the device is disabled, connect to iTunes.

If a similar situation happened on your iPhone: you forgot the password, or someone from your relatives, nephews or children tried to enter your device without your permission, without knowing the password, and now it’s blocked, do not panic, this problem can be solved.

Resetting the retry count

If you are tempted to remember the password, but ten attempts for this are not enough for you, in order to repeatedly enter a combination of symbols on the device, you need to reset the retry count.

To do this, connect to the computer using the usb-cord that comes with the mobile device. To avoid conflicts and problems, connect the iPhone to the computer from which you previously synchronized with the device. Otherwise, iTunes may not see the iPhone and the method will not work.

Sometimes, the usual connection to the computer may be enough to reset the counter, but if in your case everything is not so, then go to the next step.

  1. Start iTunes on your computer;
  2. When the program finds the connected device, right-click on the iPhone and select “Synchronize”;
  3. After the synchronization process has started, you need to stop it. To do this, click on the cross at the top of iTunes. If an arrow appears instead of a cross, then it should also be clicked so that the synchronization process is completed.

So, the counter has successfully zeroed. Now you can again try to enter a combination of characters, which is your password for entering the iPhone. And even if the device is turned off again, connect to iTunes, start the synchronization process, and so can be repeated until your problem is resolved.

If iTunes can not detect the device in normal mode, then this problem can be tried in another way.

Restore from a backup

This method can be called effective only in one case, when you have a backup copy of data saved through iTunes and in this version of the copy your iPhone is not password protected. And if this copy is even less fresh, then you are doubly lucky, you can safely proceed to restore the iPhone from a backup , the process of which is described in detail in the above link, so we will not duplicate the information here, go ahead and read from the paragraph “Process flashing in action “.

If your copy is also protected by a password or you do not have a copy in iTunes at all, then the recovery process will not help you in any way and for you there is disappointing news – you will have to reset your iPhone and all the data on it, only so it will be possible to return the device to life.

Reset and reset iPhone

Not the most ideal option, the loss of all the data is not gud, but since you read these lines means your case is very lamentable. The reset process is described in a separate article , but before you leave this page take a few tips:

  • Use iFunbox to save your photos and videos. Despite the phone lock, the program will be able to pull out this data.
  • When notifying iTunes that before you reset you need to disable the “Find iPhone” function, use remote erasing of iPhone , follow the link in the article “Deleting data with iCloud”.

So we’ve finished describing all the attempts to restore and bypass the forgotten password on the iPhone, in the end, if you have iOS 7 installed, then the following video that demonstrates the login to the system using the OS vulnerability can be useful. You can use this to create a backup copy in iCloud, for example, so when in the future you will restore an iPhone to reset the password, you will have a copy of at least some data.

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