What if you forgot your iPhone password?

Our space has long been closed from outsiders by many restrictions from passwords: passwords to social networks, passwords to credit cards, and now also a password to the phone. But what should the owner of the phone do if he forgot his password?


When you press the Home or On / Off buttons and move the Unlock slider, the phrase “Enter Password” appears on the screen. This means that the main settings of your iPhone have been set password protection. This can be a simple password in the form of a combination of four digits, then on the screen 4 empty cells will be displayed. Or maybe this password is complicated – when on the iPhone display you can see the usual line for entering characters.

Until you enter the correct password, the smartphone will not be unlocked. Moreover, if you enter an incorrect combination of characters 10 times in a row, all personal information and content on the device will be deleted. This can happen if you set this option when setting a password. So what should you do if you forget your iPhone password?

It’s simple – you need to reset iPhone to factory settings. Of course, this will remove absolutely all the information – applications, letters and notes, photos and videos, settings, downloaded and installed plug-ins and add-ons from Cydia. However, most of the multimedia data can later be restored through iTunes if you have a backup of the device in the computer’s memory or in iCloud.

The instructions below can be applied not only to the iPhone, but also to the iPad and iPod touch.

So, to start formatting, you need to do the following operations in this order:

  1. Turn off the iPhone by holding down the “On / Off” key for a few seconds and pulling the “Off” slider on the screen;
  2. Connect iPhone with a proprietary cable to the USB port of your computer, start iTunes and go to DFU mode. The transition to DFU is carried out in actions 3, 4, 5:
  3. Hold the “On / Off” button for 3 seconds;
  4. Without releasing it, hold down the “Home” button and hold for another 10 seconds both buttons squeezed;
  5. Release the “On / Off” button, but leave the “Home” button pressed for another 10-15 seconds;
  6. iTunes should respond by showing the device in critical condition;
  7. In iTunes, select the desired device – your iPhone;
  8. On the device description page, click the Restore button. You must have a fast enough Internet connection so that iTunes can download the iOS distribution package (about 1 GB);
  9. Confirm the iPhone recovery and wait until the new operating system is installed.

If you did not make a backup, then click on the “Create as new device” button. You will receive an iPhone with a clean operating system.

If you have a backup with a file library, you should right-click the device in iTunes and select the “Restore from backup” item. In the backup list that appears, click on the copy closest to the present moment.

Once iPhone has finished syncing with iTunes, you will be able to use your phone again, and the password for the lock will be reset.

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