How to Find and Stop Apps from Accessing your iPhone Camera


Any application that has access to the camera can take photos and shoot video without the user’s knowledge. Lifehacker tells you how to protect yourself from this.

To work with photo applications, you definitely need access to the camera, which we often provide without hesitation. All anything, but, despite the severe moderation of the App Store, there can still be applications of intruders who will monitor users.

Developer Felix Krause (Felix Krause) conducted a study , writing an application disguised as a social network, and found quite interesting facts. It turns out that as soon as the application accesses the camera, we allow it to do the following:

  • use both camera devices;
  • Record video and take photos when the application is running;
  • record videos and take photos without notifying the user;
  • instantly download footage of media content to the Internet;
  • Use the recognition of faces and emotions of the objects of the survey.

Of course, all of the above can happen without any indication and notifications. The surveillance process Felix showed in a small video.

How to protect yourself from shadowing

The surest way (no, it’s not tape ) – to prohibit applications in which you doubt access to the camera. You can do this in the privacy settings.

  1. Open Settings → Privacy.
  2. Go to the “Camera” section and turn off the necessary toggle switches.

In this case, you will still be able to publish photos and videos. Just need to create them in a standard iOS camera, and then publish, for example, in Instagram, choosing the import from the gallery. Yes, you will have to allow access to “Photos”, but the application can not follow you with the help of the camera

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