How to Find Your Lost Android Phone: Best Lost Phone App


We tell you step by step how to find your Android phone if you think you’ve lost or stolen you have.

Mobile is an object that we use daily and we usually have stuck to us. It is not unusual to panic when we noticed his absence and we can not explain it . In the Find My iPhone iOs app running takes time for these cases, but Android is not as well known method to find your phone . Also it exists and is very simple to use. And not only good for your smartphone, but for other Android devices, such as tablets.

There are several applications for Android that let you find your lost phone and offer other complementary features. But the easiest way to find your terminal is that Google provides , developer of the operating system.

Best Lost Phone App: Best Apps to locate Stolen mobile Android, Apple iPhone

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone, Best Lost Phone App, Best Apps to locate Stolen mobile Android
How to Find Your Lost Android Phone, Best Lost Phone App, Best Apps to locate Stolen mobile Android

#1 Find Your Lost Android Phone

The user only has to use the Android Device Manager to find your lost Android.Although before this we must ensure that the terminal has activated the remote location, as well as the lock and remote wipe. For this you enter the ‘Settings’ or ‘Google Settings’ application, depending on the smartphone.

After opening the application the user has to find the ‘Security’ section. In it you have to activate the option ‘Locate this device remotely’ . In this section you can also activate ‘Allow remote lock and wipe’, we will stop removing manage data terminal or the imposition of a password from the Android Device Manager.

Obviously, for the remote location of the terminal function must be activated location, which is done from ‘Settings’. Once we have assured us we were following all of this you can be accessed from a computer to the web . We introduce our username and password associated with the account Google Android phone that we want to find and ready.

Our device is located on a map . From there we can make it sound -during five minutes and with all the intensity of the loudspeaker to find him if we are looking for home or office without finding it , the data block containing the terminal or to a remote erase.

#2 Finding your Android with another mobile

You can also access the Android Device Manager via a mobile terminal. You need only install the ‘Android Device Manager’ application. Opening it asks for the password Google account and then a screen with a map is displayed , locating the smartphone .

The options are the same as in the web version of the platform. You can make the phone ring for five minutes at full volume and, if the options are enabled, you can proceed to lock or remote wipe.

#3 Find your lost phone with your smartwatch

How to Find Your Lost Android Phone, Best Lost Phone App, Best Apps to locate Stolen mobile Android
How to Find Your Lost Android Phone, Best Lost Phone App, Best Apps to locate Stolen mobile Android

You can also locate the lost smartphone with your smartwatch, provided both are connected via Bluetooth. Obviously this option only contemplated when the phone is somewhere in the house , without the memory you want to remember what that place.

The usual option is to make a call from another phone to the number of missing.But if you do not have another phone handy or simply mobile it is silent (and buried a mountain element that cover many-colored light) can use the smartwatch.Through Android Wear you can access the option ‘find the phone’ after starting the system.

What is Android Device Manager?

If you lose your Android device, you can use Android Device Manager to: Find your device: Use Android Device Manager to show your device’s location. Ring, lock, or erase a lost device: Use Android Device Manager to remotely ring or lock your device, erase everything on it, or add a phone number to the lock screen.
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