External battery for smartphones are good?


External battery for smartphones are good?

Hike or in the urban jungle, our smartphones or tablets often conspicuous by their great autonomy. Anxious to prolong the life of your machine and finally exceed the day of use?Follow the guide!

Batteries have more memory

External battery for smartphones are good?
External battery for smartphones are good?

Before you proceed to checkout and get out his credit card to acquire an external battery, it should be already optimized use and follow some common sense rules.

And good habits are taken from the first start-up of the unit. Type lithium – ion (Li-ion) batteries now used in the majority of machines, it is strongly recommended that you do not completely discharge the battery.

This operation, which was use with old sensitive to ‘memory effect’ batteries (Ni-CD and Ni-MH) may lead to the contrary capacity up to 20% loss.

You will also need to make a habit of load machine off, before the gauge falls into the red, ideally between 10 and 15% of the remaining life.

Optimize: External battery for smartphones are good?

The theory is not always obvious to follow in practice, one can easily find themselves short on full day and often far from a receptacle or USB.

To extend the experience, we have already toured the question, brightness adjustment, management of updates/downloads in the background, identification of tasty apps, or cutting of the Wi – Fi, Bluetooth and even activating airplane mode, you can follow the different tutorials dedicated.

External batteries, first read the label! External battery for smartphones are good?

The solution most relevant to come support your camera battery is the very popular external battery.

A solution so common that she sees herself now proposed at all not really specialized retailers, ranging from the gas station on the corner at the bar / tobacco placed beside other dispensable gadgets.

External battery for smartphones are good?
External battery for smartphones are good?

A battery of 2600 mAh at 10 euros purchased in tobacco. She has never managed to fully charge a smartphone, after 4 cycles of load, it already does work.

CE marking and strongly recommended RoHS : External battery for smartphones are good? 

Except that the external battery should not be regarded as a gadget. Real power chemical plant it can be dangerous, melt, ignite or explode.
Should be checked the presence of CE certifications and RoHS on the battery to limit the risks.

External battery for smartphones are good?
External battery for smartphones are good?

And just to limit the risks, because these two standards of conformity obtained by simple declaration of the manufacturer are not “certification mark” nor a guarantee of quality. In addition the CE this is sometimes adulterated, prudence therefore…

External battery for smartphones are good?
External battery for smartphones are good?
The true and the false CE logo

For a Tablet, smartphone, camera, three?

Should determine the use of its battery external, small and discrete battery backup to charge his iPhone on time or battery high capacity for simultaneously charging bars, camera and smartphone of the family on vacation.

External battery for smartphones are good?
External battery for smartphones are good?

-If the choice is limited to the smartphone, an intensity of 1 amp output (Output ) will be sufficient.

-If you hear charge several devices, including a Tablet, need necessarily opt for a battery delivering an output of 2 or 3 amp for loading fast and above all without the risk of overheating for the external battery.

These batteries high capacity often has several USB ports for charging simultaneously several USB devices.
The most relevant solution provided you choose a sufficient capacity.

Looking for the mAh lost: External battery for smartphones are good? 

Keep in mind that between the always unreliable indications of manufacturers, the electric subtleties between mAh (milliamp-hour) and Wh (Watt-hour) and energy losses related to the voltage conversion, you need to always opt for an external battery offering well more than the capacity of your device internal battery capacity.

External battery for smartphones are good?
External battery for smartphones are good?

As an indication:

For a small iPhone smartphone: external 2600 mAh battery
Smartphone/Phablet more of 5 inches: external 4000 mAh battery
A Tablet: source of extra to at least 10 000 mAh

At the time of the choice

There is no established fee schedule, should nevertheless be good judgement must be used on the side of price. A less than 15 euro 30 000 mAh battery is unlikely to be reliable or offer acceptable life.

External battery for smartphones are good?
External battery for smartphones are good?

Prices seem to focus around 15-20 euros for a small 3000 mAh battery and 40/50 for batteries of more than 10000 mAh high capacity.
Market battery is vast with a multitude of references no. name, it is difficult to advise models in particular. To date we have retained 3 external batteries that make the job for 3 different uses.

On the form peace and sustainability, we recommend the Anker Astro E5 16000 announced mAh and 3 amp max output. The more cumbersome, it offers 2 USB plugs to fully recharge a smartphone and 70% of an iPad.

The intermediate solution, for a phablette or a tablet with the PNY PowerPack T7800, 7800 mAh, 2 USB (1 and 2.4 amps) taken with a good ratio dimensions-weight-capacity announced.  External battery for smartphones are good? 

The option pocket, for a smartphone only with an Anker Astro Mini in 3200 mAh announced to match his silver iPhone or Golden, 1 USB plug in 1 amp.

Battery backup: External battery for smartphones are good?

If you do not want to arrive at the tips listed above and that you need to use the “smartphone functions” of your device, means exist to recharge the battery of his mobile far from an electrical outlet: External battery for smartphones are good? 

  • Cigarette lighter : leave permanently in your car charging cable to plug into the cigarette lighter and make a habit of connecting to each of your movements, particularly if you use GPS, very greedy in battery.
  • Laptop : If your PC or Mac laptop is never away from you when you’re traveling, remember to put in your bag a cable that is compatible with your mobile phone.
  • Battery backup : there are devices dedicated to recharging your mobile, battery-backup. On offer is huge and you can find everything,
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