EU fines Google record $2.7 billion in first antitrust case


Monumental sweep of the European Union to Google. The company has just received a record sanctions of 2.420 billion euros after the European Commission that regulates the competition will find it guilty of manipulating the search results to benefit Google Shopping.

In the ruling, the European Commission in charge of the case has found Google guilty of abuse of dominant position in Internet searches. The document explains the following:

Google has consistently highlighted its own price comparison system on Google Shopping. When a consumer enters a general search that Google Shopping comparator service wants to show results, they appear at the top of the results page.

Google has downgraded rival price comparison systems in their search results. All the results of these comparison services appear on the basis of the company’s search algorithms. Google has introduced a number of criteria in these algorithms that result in the degradation of rival services.

The Commission explains that the first 10 results of the first page are close to 95% of clicks, and this effect is accentuated when browsing from mobile devices. For all these reasons, it has outlawed the company’s activity and issued the fine in accordance with the 2006 guidelines for this type of sanctions. This is the highest fine that the European Union has issued in its entire history. So far that record had Intel, with a fine of 1,060 million euros in 2014

In addition to the sanction, the EU has given Google a 90-day deadline to resolve the prioritization of its results so that all traffic on price comparison gets the same deal on its search page. The European Commission is also investigating Google for possible abuse of dominant position in Android applications. [Via European Commission ]

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