How to enable Portrait mode on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus


This year, Portrait Mode came out of beta testing – but is only available on new Apple smartphones. Why? The answer to this and other questions you will find below.


On which iPhone is Portrait Mode available?

Portrait mode is only available on the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and iPhone X for one simple reason – the development of Apple only works on smartphones with a dual main camera.

So, if you buy a new iPhone 8 for shooting, keep in mind: he will not have the main “photo” chip (at least for now). Competitors, by the way, manage and one – for example, Google Pixel .

How does the portrait mode blur the background on the photos in the iPhone?

To work in Portrait Mode on an iPhone, two lenses are required, because each of them of different types: one of them is 12-megapixel wide-angle, the other is also on 12 MP, but already with a TV. When working in portrait mode, cameras perform their own tasks: wide-angle fixes the distance to the subject, then uses this information to create a map with nine levels of depth. The card plays a key role – thanks to it, the image processing processor Apple understands what exactly the image needs to blur and what to make clear.


In order for the photo to look like “on mirrors”, the image processor Apple goes level after level and blurs each of them on different scales (the “bokeh” effect). The levels that are closer to the subject, he makes a little more clear than the levels that are as far from him as possible. Look at the photo with a blurry background more closely – and you’ll notice that the grass and leaves near the subject are much easier to distinguish than the objects at a distance.

How to enable Portrait mode on iPhone

Open the Camera application on the iPhone, select the Portrait mode, move away from the subject for a distance of about 2 meters and press the shutter button.

How to photograph high quality portraits on the iPhone?

Blur mode works best when shooting people and still subjects. Also, there are certain restrictions on lighting and distance from the photographer to who (or what) he shoots. In particular, the mode does not work well in low light. If it is too dark for a portrait, iOS will display a corresponding notification on the iPhone screen. Also, you can not go too close – Apple recommends not to go any closer than 48 cm.

Ideal images in Portrait photography are easier to achieve when between who or what is shot, and the background is a big contrast. For example, if you remove a white glass for coffee on a light background, iPhone sensors may simply not understand what needs to be done more clearly, and where it is necessary to bring “blur”.

Can I remove the background blur effect from the photo?

Apple offers the option to remove the blurred background effect from the photo , if it caused the picture to fail. The corresponding tool (“Portrait”) can be found by clicking on the edit icon.

Is Portrait Mode different in iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X?

Portrait shooting is available on the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. The latest two models also feature another interesting feature – Portrait lighting. It simulates studio lighting in order to superimpose additional effects on the photos and thus make them even more interesting.

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