How to close applications on iPhone X


Specialists of the company advise to resort to this method only if the application has ceased to respond. However, users continue to press the Home button to force the program to quit.

As you know, in the iPhone X the physical button is not Home, and the above method no longer works. However, this does not mean that now it is impossible to forcefully close the “hung” application. True, from now on, this requires a little more action than before.

How to close the application on iPhone X

First you need to go into multitasking mode. To do this, you need to slide your finger from the bottom to the middle of the screen and stay for a few moments.

If you do not linger, but just make a short Svayp from bottom to top, the main screen will open. In multitasking mode, press and hold the card with the application you want to close until the delete icon appears. Click on the icon or make a swipe over the card up.

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