How to clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps


How to free up space on iPhone 5

Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

A 16GB iPhone becomes your worst enemy when the camera tells you to stop, that no longer fit more pictures. Or that there is no physical way to install the game that everyone’s talking about. And do not forget that, until a week ago, Apple sold iPhones 8GB. But there is a solution, as absurd as effective.

Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps
Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

Some are small, but they can store a lot of files.

Do you really listen you will return all podcasts stored on your iPhone? Okay, we do not judge, but you know that a 30 – minute audio can occupy 25 MB. So if you have many downloaded to your phone, the sum of these reaches significantly diminish the available memory. Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

Apple identifies what the latest audio reproduced and placed at the end of each of the lists. Just slide the screen to the left, select the file and delete it. It’s the same with the videos, only take up much more space.

For example, Spotify takes up only 56 MB . But if you have lots of music downloaded, the application will occupy an inordinate amount of space. 800 songs are 2GB.

You can select any app to know the size of it and the downloaded files inside.

Control your computer from your phone Android, Windows, Linux and Mac

Free iPhone memory or Space (iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s,iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch and iPad) – Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

Unlike Android, iOS , there is no button to clear the cache of the apps you use most often (well, except for some). These temporary files are increasing over time to occupy, in many cases, several gigabytes of storage. Well, it turns out that you can release them in one fell swoop with these three steps reveals a user of Reddit: Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

1) Try to rent a movie from iTunes that does not fit on the phone memory or iPad. 2) Check Settings> General> Storage if your space has grown as if by magic. 3) Repeat the process until you stop growing.

Works. Apple does not want you to stay without paying for the film, so the operating system handles automatically clear the cache of native applications such as Mail and Music to free up space. It is worth any long movie and HD for example Cleopatra , which measures 10.3 GB. And no, you end up paying for the car if you want, because in iTunes there is always a double confirmation before charging. So, how did we manage to slim down our iPhone in order to manage with just 16GB of space for storing apps, photos, music and more? And how do we keep from filling the phone up to capacity?

Use Google+ or Dropbox to store your images

Free space on iphone 6 16gb

Free space on iPhone 6 16gb

You probably do not want to delete all photos from your phone and actually do not have to. But to free some space, you can create an automatic backup of your gallery and place it in a storage system.

We recommend using the Google+ app not only because you have unlimited storage space (for pictures with a 2048×2048 pixels less than size which includes all performed with your mobile- and videos less than 15 minutes), but because it is free.

Free space on iphone 6 16gb

Free space on iphone 6 16gb

All you have to do is download the Google+ app, create an account on Google (if you do not have it yet) and select Automatic Backup in the Settings. Be sure to check that the backup is only created when you are connected to Wi-Fi, but use your mobile data. You can also use Dropbox or Apple iCloud .

Stop using streaming My Photos -Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

How to free up space on iphone documents and data

How to free up space on iphone documents and data

My Photos option streaming automatically synchronizes the last 1,000 photos you have on your iOS devices. Unless you really need all the time to share images from your iPad to your iPhone, turn it off.

Just enter adjustments, down to Pictures and camera, and turn off the option My Photo Stream.


Keep only photos HDR -Clear storage on iPhone 

How to free up space on iphone documents and data

Photos of beaches in Southern California taken with the Apple iPhone 5.

If you have enabled the option to make your photos are automatically saved to a backup … unset (see the trick No. 6), so you will not ocuparás unnecessary space.Surely you’ve noticed that your phone can store twice the same picture. That’s because you’re using HDR ( High Dynamic Range ). Look at the difference:

This usually happens if you are always on the HDR enabled. The camera settings are the best tools to get images in low light and many shadows. If you chose to photograph in HDR, then you do not need the normal picture.

So go to Settings> Photos & Camera. Swipe until you find the Retain regular photo and unset.


Sign up for a service off streaming music – Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

How to free up space on iphone documents and data

How to free up space on iphone documents and data – Clear storage on iPhone without deleting apps

The days when you almacenabas all your songs on a device over. Now you only need to download the albums that you really love and hear the rest of the form online .

If you’re a fan of iTunes, join Apple Music. For less than nine euros per month, you can have all the songs available on iTunes, a global radio playing 24 hours a day, music videos in high definition and without ads, and the possibility create custom playlists.

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