The Best Chrome Extensions for Gmail


These tools can help you conveniently send chain letters, save their contents, as well as take notes directly in the mail client. 

These Chrome add-ons turn Google’s webmail client into an ultra-powerful service. All are worth a try if you’re a serious Gmail-er using Chrome on almost any platform, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, or a Chromebook.

1. Gmail Sender Icons

A simple but very useful extension that adds to each message in your inbox icons logos and service names. After installing it is easy to find the right letters with a single glance.

2. Multi Email Forward for Gmail

As the name implies, this plugin help out in situations where you need to send multiple messages to one person. With Multi Email Forward can provide up to 50 letters and send them in one message, one by one or as a PDF-attachment.

3. Gmail Time Tracker

If reading and writing email-correspondence is the main part of your job, then you will definitely come in handy this extension. It is able to track the time spent on analysis and preparation of mail email. The collected statistics can later be exported to a CSV-file or Excel spreadsheet.

4. Save emails to Google Drive

Sometimes there is a need to maintain some important conversation, not to lose the correspondence or attachment. In such cases come to the aid is a simple extension that allows you to keep a backup of selected emails to Google Drive as a PDF, investments or full backup of your account.

5. Simple Gmail Notes

Sometimes you need to keep something or add important information to the letter. Not to scour the notes and did not remember which of them to which the letter refers, it is convenient to write directly in your mailbox. After you install the Simple Gmail Notes of each letter will be input box where you can create simple notes that are automatically kept in sync.

6. Save emails to PDF

Afraid of losing important information from the letters? Export it as a PDF-document and save it to disk! This is what makes the expansion of Save emails to PDF. Open the message you want, click on the button with an arrow, and a few seconds later it appears in the Downloads folder.

7. Convert Google Docs to Gmail™ drafts

A very useful tool for all those who lack the standard Gmail features layout editor. With the expansion, you can compose a letter of any complexity in the Google Docs , and then exported to a draft email and have to continue to work with them through Gmail.

8. Taskforce

Powerful extension that adds functionality to Gmail Task Manager. After installing the Taskforce set of tags labels will appear in the sidebar, and each letter will be turned into a problem, defer or archive to get back to it later.

9. Share and attach files in Gmail™

Irreplaceable extension for those who are actively working with files in cloud storage, and other services. It will add to the Gmail integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Evernote, «Yandex.Disk” and many other services. By letters will be attached as links to files and files themselves.

10. Dittach

And one more extension simplifies the operation c attachments. It adds a little sidebar interface, which contains all the attachments. By default, the list of the last, but if you open the menu, you can view your sent and received files, and sort them by type.

11 Gmail Offline

No Gmail extension collection is complete without this one, so let’s get right to it: Gmail Offline lets you work with Gmail…when you’re offline. No internet connection? Who cares? Read, respond, even search your messages.

12 KeyRocket for Gmail

Want to learn all the keyboard shortcuts that exist in Gmail?  KeyRocket tracks every move you make in the Gmail interface and will pop up suggestions when you click and could have typed.


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