Chrome is already the most used browser


A market survey reveals that Google’s browser is already more popular than Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome has officially overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer as the most popular web browser in the U.S. for the first time, commanding 31.8 percent of the combined desktop and mobile internet market, according to new figures.

Chrome is already the most used browser

Chrome is already the most used browser
Chrome is already the most used browser

 For the first time ever, Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser among Internet users. According to the market research reveals that the web Netmarketshare  conducts monthly during last April Chrome reached 41.66% market share, surpassing Internet Explorer, which comes to collecting all 41 versions, 35%.

Chrome has managed to cut a difference of 27% market share in less than a year, since last June Internet Explorer still leading the classification of browsers with more than half of the total use of users. Although the data handled Netmarketshare are not entirely accurate, since they are based on monthly visits to 40,000 web pages, do confirm that industry experts upward trend had already predicted for the browser company’s Mountain View, thanks to its strong presence in mobile devices and the versatility of its tools.

Microsoft has long been the reluctant choice of world wide web-viewers, but today it has finally been dethroned by Google’s Chrome as the world’s most popular web browser. According to web analytics firm NetMarketShare, Google’s browser overtook Internet Explorer as the desktop web browser with the greatest market share.

Microsoft, however, has failed to overcome the fall in the use of your browser despite having introduced Edge with the arrival of Windows 10. The lack of essential features like extensions are one of the reasons that are causing the slow implementation of Edge. Mozilla Firefox also improves their numbers and still located in a share of 10.06%, far from the first two.

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