How To Change User on Windows 10


Microsoft’s operating system allows the ability to create different user accounts on the system so that different people can use it. The truth is that when a computer is shared, probably all users have the same access to the same account, however, it causes the most inexperienced users to access some Windows settings that should only be changed if you have some knowledge.  If you want to change the permission given to a user account, you need to change the user account type

How To Change User on Windows 10

To avoid this, Windows offers the option to create different types of user accounts with different privileges or permissions, user accounts, standard and user account administrator. We can create any of these accounts easily, but it is likely that after a while we need to change the account type, ie change an administrator account to a standard user or vice versa, standard user account administrator. Therefore, we will show below how to change the type of user account in Windows 10.

Create a user account for each person who uses the PC is a good habit with which you make sure that no one will replace the configuration and customization of others. Today we will see how you can switch from one Windows account to another .

We’ll see how you can change your account directly while using the Windows Start menu , from the welcome screen of Windows and the difference between log out before changing it or not.

How to change user on windows 10

Switch accounts from the Start menu:

This is the fastest way to switch from one account to another. Open the Windows Start menu and then click on your profile picture, to be displayed as an icon on the left menu. This will open a floating menu where you can choose from:

  • Change account settings: opens Windows settings in the section Your information . There you can manage your account and change your profile picture.
  • Lock : Locks your computer, so the next time you want to use will need to enter the password or PIN to log on .
  • Logout : Logs off the current user and returns you to the Windows Welcome screen, where you log in with another account (or same, if you were wrong).
  • Names of other accounts: just below, though separated by a slash other user accounts that are configured in the system are shown.

Because you have two options to change the user account from the start menu: closing the session or changing automatically. If you sign out , all programs you had open with this account (the equivalent of shutting down the PC) will close, but if you change your account directly the current account will be saved so you can come back later and pick up where you were .

Change main account windows 10

Switch accounts from the Welcome screen:

On the splash screen Windows user accounts added to Windows appear in the lower left corner. By clicking on one of the accounts the selected user, appearing big change. You must enter the password or PIN to log in with the account.

Change account type administrator: How to change account on windows 10

To change the account type to any of the users of the system with standard account and want them administrators, the first thing we have to do is open the page Setup of Windows 10 and access the option Accounts> Family and others. Once there, we must select the account you want to change the type and automatically we will see a button with the same option appears we select it goes further.

A window in which the account indicates that we want to change type and a drop down list where you can select if we want that account becomes open administrator or standard . We choose the appropriate option and click on the button OK to apply the changes.

Do I need to log off?

As we mentioned before, the answer is no, you do not need to log off before switching account . Logout is the equivalent of shutting down Windows so that all applications will be closed and all documents that have not been saved will be lost. So if you plan to return later this account is not as comfortable to log off .

Now if you do not plan to reuse the current account in this session, log off before switching can be a good idea as well you force yourself to save all documents before leaving the PC by someone else.

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