Change app store region – How to change the country or region of the App Store


On many occasions we find the problem that an application we want is not available in our country. To do this, we have to change the region of the App Store to that of the country in which the application is available and download the application. In other cases, if for professional or family reasons you are constantly traveling and you need certain applications that are only available in the country you are traveling to, you will need to do the same procedure each time. Change app store region – How to change the country or region of the App Store

It is very simple, but we have to keep in mind that if we have a subscription through Apple (such as Apple Music) we will not be able to change the region until that subscription ends . If for example you have made the free subscription of three months of Apple Music but you need to change the region, you will have to wait 3 months that it ends. Change app store region – How to change the country or region of the App Store?

  • If you do not have any problems of this type, you can proceed to change the region of the App Store to download applications in a very simple way. Here are the steps :
  • First, go to Settings and look for the “iTunes and App Store” option.
  • Once found, click on it.
  • We will appear at the top of our “Apple ID:”, where we have to press.
  • We will open a dialog box and click on the option “see Apple ID”.
  • We will ask you to put your finger on the Touch ID as a security measure to continue the process.
  • Once we enter the new menu, click on the “Country / Region” option.
  • We will list you with all countries, just select the country you need and enter the contact information and payment that is necessary.

We want to remind you that if you downloaded an application in the Spanish App Store and switch to the US App Store for an example, you will not get the update of that application unless you return to the Spanish App Store. In fact, if you buy an application in Spain you will have to buy it again in another store if you want to forget that you are constantly changing the region to update the applications.

How to change Country in the App Store on your iPad, iPhone or iPod

Change app store region – How to change the country or region of the App Store

When we configure our ID and our App Store and iTunes account we must choose a Country and Region with which to start downloading apps, games, books and music from Apple stores. As some of the things we find in the App Store and iTunes are payable, we must establish a Country and Region appropriate for the subject of the coins and such, although it is not necessary to set up a credit card, since we can buy things with Cards of Gift.

There are many stores or stores depending on the country, and many reasons to change from Store, the most common are:

  • I have a Gift Card from the App Store of another country and I want to exchange it
  • I need to download an App that is not available in the Store in my country
  • I want to change Stores because they update the content more often

How to change the App Store Country

In this tutorial I will teach you how to change the country of your App Store from your iPad, iPhone or iPod

Step 1

To start, like all iOS device settings, they will be in “Settings” , we will touch Apple ID .

Step 2

Then we can see the following message, where we will touch “View Apple ID

Step 3

Now we will play in “Country / Region”

If you have money from a gift card in your current Country of the App Store you will not be able to change country, you will have to spend that money first, since we will get a message like this

Step 4

After this parenthesis, whose message will not appear unless you have an outstanding balance, we will continue to touch the option “Change Country or Region”

Step 5

Now we will select the new country of the App Store, in my case had the Spanish Store and I will change it to the American

Step 6

Next we must accept the typical “billet” of terms and conditions (you must go down to accept)

Step 7

Now we will have to modify the data of the new Country of our store. The name, address and city you can leave it as such, but do not forget to change the State, Postal Code and Telephone , note that in each Country or state there is a zip code, it does not serve the typical 41006 that there is for example In sevilla. In my case I have chosen California, I have searched the California zip code in Google and I have added one more digit to the phone

If you get something in red you must change it until you get the following …

Well, you have already changed your App Store Country and for example I could now redeem a gift card from the US App Store or download applications that are not available in the Spanish App Store as is the case of Bing, which we could see that it serves to translate websites from Safari , and even if we want, after downloading the App we can change again to the Spanish Store, with our app installed.

What happens when you change the country of your App Store and iTunes Store?

It will change the collections and tops of the App Store a bit, since they will now filter according to the new country, but it will not change much, for example, the language will still be the same that you have configured in the language section. Anyway this change is not irreversible and we can always reconfigure our country as we had before.

Have you ever changed the App Store region to download other apps? What apps have you downloaded in the App Store from another region? Have you been impatient to download GO Pokémon using this trick to enjoy the game before it leaves in your country? Tell us about it in the comments.


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