CCleaner Cleaning tool for your PC optimized


The famous freeware for Windows, CCleaner HAS Evolved Rapidly from 3.05 to 3.06 and proposed Targeted updates on cleaning the traces left by browsers.

CCleaner Cleaning tool for your PC
CCleaner Cleaning tool for your PC

CCleaner Cleaning tool for your PC

Barely a month after-the version 3.05 of CCleaner, Piriform the publisher HAS updated Windows cleaning program in version 3.0.6. This new release includes various fixed and improvements. The program Removes unused files from your system, it frees hard disk space and allows your Windows to run faster. it aussi cleans traces of your online activities (cookies, visited websites etc.), it supports all kinds of browser (Chrome, Firfox, Opera and Safari) The list of improvements and contributions made on the CCleaner , here’s the significant most.


Improvements: CCleaner Cleaning tool for your PC

Piriform says on its official website for the improvement of cleaning the history of the most visited websites in Chrome, cleaning temporary files in Internet Explorer, the cleaning of Internet Explorer browsing history, reading and cleaning the registry and smart scan cookies.

Contributions: CCleaner Cleaning tool for your PC

The website announces the addition of Support for the HTML5 offline, allows management and cleaning the offline caching in Opera and Safari, cleaning site preferences in Firefox, cleaning the last download rentals in Opera, cleaning the last addresses were entered in Opera and session cleanup to forget Opera. Sans HTML 5 IndexedDB (formerly WebSimpleDB) – a new method That allows the management history of Chrome and Firefox browsers and media software a-Squared, Core FTP, FileZilla, MusicMatch Jukebox and MySpaceIM,

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