Can Humans Communicate With Animals?

Can Humans Communicate With Animals?

Is it really possible to communicate with your animals? It seems unrealistic to many of the people but have you ever noticed when you are moaning in the midst of your room and your dog with watery eyes watching you. What’s that? 

Aren’t those feelings? What makes your dog know you are hurt? It is the sense of communication for sure between you and your dog.

Telepathic Communication

It is the telepathic communication between you and your animal that involves mind and feelings only not verbal communication.

“Animals are amazing at Telepathic Communication”.

Universal Language

It is believed by scientists that animals are born with a universal language that is telepathic and is also present in humans but they forget with time. However, this emotion is immensely strong among animals.

Communication does not need only words. It is done in other ways too like:

  • Pictures
  • Symbols
  • Gestures
  • Postures
  • Eyes
  • Actions
  • Tone.
  • Pitch

Animal Desires

Animals have desires too and are known to be sensitive most. Now the question arises here; “How animals show their desire?” 

It is nonetheless done by communication. Wondering how? What tells an owner that a dog wants to go out? He scratches or signals by gestures. This is animal communication.

Incredible Communication Discoveries

There are many primates like a gorilla that are discovered to have amazing memory and communication means. An American gorilla learned sign language to express her feelings and now she masters in 600 vocabulary words. It is communication for sure. Isn’t it?

Communication By Symbolism

Dogs communicate their thoughts and all incidents quite well. Once a dog was left alone with owner’s baby and the baby went into the fence. The dog went to the owner and showed a picture of the fence just to symbolize the threat.

How You Can Communicate With Animals

Communication with animals is taken as a profession nowadays. People nowadays hire “dog whisperers” to train their dogs and make them learn some communication techniques.

You can actually hire professionals.

There are some electronic interactive dog toys that can help in this regard. You can communicate with your dogs by such tools.

Electronic Dog Toys

You can communicate with your dogs by interactive dog toys. Think of bringing an electric, lighting ball for your dog. It will surely make him happy crazily and also symbolizes your love.

Many of the dog puzzles are available that keep your dog busy all day long and also polishes its skills for better communicating with you and show more responsibility.

What about that touch screens pads showing animal games and puzzling levels. If it’s not communication means with your dog then what else it is.

We have also known many of the pet food balls toys disposing of food in a fun way. The dog responds in a very cheering way. That is communicating the happiness and likeness of the dog.

If the dog doesn’t want to play it will communicate that the dog is not interested.


It is hence concluded that animals communicate with humans and humans also prefer buying interactive dog toys to communicate with them.

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