How to buy a graphics card

Most people who buy a video card (also known as a graphics card) for a non-business PC are doing it for the purpose of playing games.. Shopping for a new video card for the first time? Find out what you need to know before making an expensive mistake.


How to buy a graphics card? One of the key devices of the PC, especially if you like the world of games is the graphics card . However it is common not to give it the importance it deserves at the time of purchase that should be. Buying a Graphics Card for Gaming PC or Laptop.

The history of these devices is long, now they are not only able to accelerate 3D games but have many features designed to improve the overall speed of the system. A new card can make an old team live a second youth, you just have to find the one that best suits your needs. Best Graphics card to Buy for PC or Laptop.How to buy a graphics card

How to choose a graphic card for your Gaming needs? Do not forget to always have the updated drivers , as manufacturers can solve performance or stability problems, so update without thinking twice.

But let’s not distract ourselves, and let’s continue with the article. When buying, as with any other component is very important to consider the use you give to the PC. That is why I have organized the cards in the following categories: What will be the best  graphics card for your PC or Laptop. How to buy a graphics card?

Internet and Office Programs

You can choose almost any device. Do not forget to check the connectors that the new card offers you not to buy, for example, one with VGA output and your monitor has DVI and in the end you have to end up buying adapters.

You can even opt for a processor with an integrated graphics card , to save you some money. Among the models of micros that include it you have the A series of AMD and the i3 , i5 or i7 of second , third or fourth generation .

Some models that may interest you if you decide a discreet card are the GT 620 or 610 if you choose nVidia. In the case of AMD you have the HD 6450. Click any link to see updated prices.

High quality movie playback

How to buy a graphics card? The current video formats are very complex and need very powerful hardware to play them. Fortunately, the new cards offer acceleration for that reproduction by downloading the processor to have to do all the work.

The card should incorporate UVD (Universal Video Decoder) if you choose AMD or PureVideo if you choose nVidia. In any case it is desirable that the graphics card can accelerate the following video formats, MPEG 4 AVC / H.264, VC-1 and MPEG-2

It is also very interesting, since some include it, Flash Player content acceleration.

If you are going to connect it in your house to the television make sure that both the card and the television are compatible. The best way to make this connection is through an HDMI cable that will also bring the sound to the TV. It should support at least HDMI 1.4 which allows you to have 7.1 sound systems.

See also the post-processing effects that the card is capable of performing. This allows to improve the appearance of the images on the screen.

Do not spend more than $ 100 on a card of these characteristics. Examples of cards that you can buy are the AMD Radeon 6670, 6570 or the new R7 240 and 250. And for nVidia GT 640 and 630 models. Click any link to compare updated prices of the different devices.

Graphic design – How to buy a graphics card

Working with multiple monitors is wonderful. If your design is your professional you must have a configuration with at least two or three of them. Luckily there are cards that can work with four or more without problems.

I would not invest more than $ 300 in one of these. Examples of cards you can purchase are:

Basic level. More than $ 100 up to $ 150. AMD Radeon 7750, 6770, 6750, 6870, and the new R7 260X. In case of nVidia the model GTX 650.

Medium level. More than $ 150 up to $ 300. AMD Radeon 6850, 7850, 7770 Ghz Edition 7870 GHz Edition, 7950, 7970 and the brand new R9 270X and 280X. In case of nVidia you have the GTX 660, GTX 650 Ti and the newer GTX 760.

Click on the links to compare prices.

If you do it in a professional way you can choose between the nVidia Quadro models and the FirePro from AMD. These card families are optimized to accelerate video and photo editing tasks as well as computer-aided design.

You can check prices of these models in Quadro and FirePro.

3D Games

If you really are someone who enjoys these types of programs the best advice is that you have to consider getting a new one every two years approximately so you do not stay outdated.

Basic level. More than $ 100 up to $ 150. AMD Radeon 7750, 6770, 6750, 6870, and the new R7 260X. In case of nVidia the model GTX 650.

Medium level. More than $ 150 up to $ 300. AMD Radeon 6850, 7850, 7770 Ghz Edition 7870 GHz Edition, 7950, 7970 and the brand new R9 270X and 280X. In case of nVidia you have the GTX 660, GTX 650 Ti and the newer GTX 760.

High level. More than $ 300. For example the models R9 290X of AMD or nVidia with the models GTX 680, GTX 670 and GTX 660 Ti and new GTX 770.

Extreme level. To infinity. Assemble it with an i7 with as much RAM as you can and you will have a superfit. Do not forget to use a suitable power source to power these beasts. In this segment we have the dual card models included as the AMD Radeon 6990 and the nVidia GTX 690. In addition to the nVidia GTX Titan models, the GTX 780 and the 780Ti.

Do not forget to get to this point that you can use configurations in Crossfire or SLI with which you use the power of several to operate.

Graphic card specifications – How to buy a graphics card

Many games show very detailed scenarios in three dimensions so that to be able to move through them it is necessary for the PC to perform a huge amount of calculations. Luckily these calculations can be performed in parallel, ie we can calculate several regions of the screen at a time. The graphics cards today take advantage of this and have thousands of processors working in parallel to generate an image.

The two top manufacturers of computer graphics cards are Nvidia and AMD. The latter appears strongly since I bought the ATI brand. Below you can read the different specifications that define according to the manufacturer.


Stream Processors. The card has a number of processors working in parallel.

It is easy to find yourself with cards made up of thousands of them. You will have guessed that if you increase the number of these you have greater benefits since the card is able to calculate resolutions and more frames per second.


Cuda colors. It’s the same old concept. NVidia has even created a series of tools that allow you to use these processors to make non-graphing calculations.

Both of them

ROPs. Raster operation unit ” or “ render back-end unit .” They are responsible for performing the post-processing, ie the different effects that are done to improve the quality of the image.Another of the best known is the antialiasing it does That we see the objects more softened and real instead of straight lines.

Core speed. It is the speed at which the different processors that make up the card work. This next to the number of cores will be what determines how many calculations we can make per second. By overclocking the graphics card you can play with this parameter for better performance.

Speed ​​of memory. These worlds you see in 3D games take up a lot of memory. Each of the textures, the meshes with the points that make up the characters, and other elements makes memory and its speed an essential part. Another parameter that we can adjust when performing overclocking.

Memory bandwidth. They give us the speed at which memory can be read in Gigabits per second.

VRAM. It is the memory used in graphics cards. It is usually given the size in gigabytes and type. The higher the memory, the greater the ability to work with higher resolutions.

Transistor Width. It is measured in nanometers and tells us the technology used. The smaller the greater the number of them, the greater the functionality and the lower consumption.

Teraflops. Number of operations per second. Sometimes speed is given with simple and double precision. The higher the accuracy the graphics are more detailed but the calculations are slower.

How to buy a graphics card? 

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