How to buy condoms | How old do you have to be to buy condoms in UK, united States

How to buy condoms , How old do you have to be to buy condoms in UK, united States You want to have sex, take care of a venereal disease and avoid an unwanted pregnancy, but you are terrified to think that you have to go to a pharmacy to buy a condom, where behind the cash register is a lady who has a "scolding" face.


You want to have sex, take care of a venereal disease and avoid an unwanted pregnancy, but you are terrified to think that you have to go to a pharmacy to buy a condom, where behind the cash register is a lady who has a “scolding” face.

If you are shy and you think that the pharmacist is going to insult you or the people around you will make fun of you, follow these 5 tricks really effective to avoid those uncomfortable moments when buying a condom: How to buy condoms | How old do you have to be to buy condoms in UK, united States

MYTH: You have to be 18 to buy condoms. TRUTH: Condoms are available at any age and free of charge from contraception clinics, Brook centres, sexual health  clinics, and young people’s clinics.

1. Buy other products

This is one of the tricks most used by the timid, but it is a technique to enter into trust with the pharmacist. It also distracts the curious who are in the row or around you not to hear your main request. This method is very useful so you do not think you are very “in need”, for whatever reason, ordering other products before applying for the condom to many is very effective.

2. “Look for a man”

Although some may seem a bit manly to some, many are looking for pharmacies where the person behind the register is a man. Consequently, a similar with which we can feel more secure and the truth is that between men we understand each other better, #

3. In the morning or at night

If the reason for your shyness is “what they will say”, then it is advisable to go to times where there are fewer buyers, such as: in the early hours of the morning or at night, When they are about to close the pharmacy, this will increase the chance that you will not find anyone around you when you go to ask for your condom, anyway before asking the pharmacist to give you a condom, scan your environment To verify if there are “Moors in the coast”.

4. Ask a friend to buy it

We all have irreverent friends, warriors and extroverts that does not hurt them at all, as they are appropriate for this challenge, even if you have enough confidence with your partner and also has these traits in his personality , You can also ask her to cooperate with you, she will surely be the most interested in protection.

5. Going to adult stores

Are you already of age ?, but also cause discomfort to go to a pharmacy to buy your condom and more buy it to a peddler, then go to a “Sex Shop” is the best solution, The buyers who go to these stores have a more ambitious purpose than you, so feel at home.

6. Buy Via Online

As far as condom shopping is concerned, the Internet can be “man’s best friend” because of many websites where you can order condoms. But the best part is that you can get them to your home, what if it is required is to own your respective credit or debit card, in addition to the purchase records will appear more discrete names, so it will not come up something like: “Sex Shop”, “Sex Site” or “Sexy Men”.

7. The best option

Did you know that venereal disease prevention centers exist? Yes, and also offer condoms totally free , you can even ask the questions you want with reference to sexually transmitted diseases. You will leave without doubt and with the product in hand.

8 Go to A Supermarket Over


This is the best solution that I can offer you. Places like Health & Glow and big departmental stores are much less judgemental than small pharmacies. They have a wider range and they let you pick up what you want, take it to the counter, and get it billed, so you have to talk to exactly zero people to get what you need.

How to lose your shyness when buying condoms

We are wondering how to overcome shyness in concrete situations. Although it seems incredible there are still many people who feel embarrassed buying condoms and refuse to do so. However, we know that it is a sex element that can save our lives. Find out how to lose your shyness when buying condoms.

How to Buy Condoms Without Shame

As sexuality has always been surrounded by a great silence, there are still many prejudices that we must overcome. Sexual shyness does not only refer to that shyness that prevents you from enjoying yourself naturally in bed, but affects everything that surrounds sex, such as buying condoms. Shame about buying condoms affects men, women, the elderly and young people, but it has to be eliminated as soon as possible because buying condoms is an act of responsibility .

We may think that going to a pharmacy and ordering a box of condoms is not the most discreet option to buy condoms. In a way it is like exposing our sex life to the public, but it is worth remembering that we are in a pharmacy, a place where we protect our health. In any case, we can understand that prejudices prevent us from going to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about the types of condoms you have, the prices and much less ask you for some recommendation.

But there are other ways to buy condoms. In supermarkets, supermarkets and even in vending machines, condoms can be purchased without a word. In this case the shyness moves to the feeling of shame if someone we know sees us buy them. So we can ensure that the issue is not where to buy them, but in ourselves.

Why do we feel bad when buying condoms? Why do we feel embarrassed or does our timidity increase? No matter our marital status, our age, the place where we live, everything except our health does not matter. That is why we must transform that point of view that makes us vulnerable by a positive thinking that really transports us to the same year we live. Where is the problem in buying condoms?

How to buy condoms if I am a minor?  legal age to buy condom? How old do you have to be to buy condoms in UK, united States (texas, paris, ohio, ny)

Anyone under age can buy condoms. Any age… they have to sell them to you

Just go to your pharmacy or supermarket and buy them, remember that if you feel embarrassed you can buy them online  and thay can send them to the post office if you do not want to receive them at home, for more discretion. (The messenger does not know its contents, and the package does not have any external identification)

Legal barriers prevent underage youth from accessing sexual and reproductive health services in Latin America, warned a report released Wednesday in Costa Rica by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

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Any age… they have to sell them to you

“The average age of consent for sexual relations in the Latin American region is 14 years, but this does not coincide with the age to be of legal age; Therefore, those who need access to condoms, planning methods or HIV testing should be accompanied by their parents, “said Licida Bautista, an adviser to UNFPA.

14 Tips for Choosing and Using Condoms

Strawberry, banana or cherry? We are not talking about candy but condoms. Nowadays there are alternatives for all tastes, and this not only implies flavors but also colors, textures and shapes. All looking to provide more pleasure to those who use them. And you, which do you prefer? So that you can choose better and safer, here are some recommendations you should consider when buying your condoms.

What do you usually ask for when you go shopping for condoms, do you prefer them to be colored, with some special aroma or do you worry about the texture? Do you consult with your partner? Or do you choose your own?

The condom or condom is a contraceptive method consisting of a kind of sheath, usually made of latex or polyurethane, which is placed on the penis to cover it. Thus, when ejaculating, sperm and semen remain inside the sheath and do not come into contact with the body of the other person. Thus, if used correctly, condoms help prevent pregnancy and the spread of most sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, HPV  and hepatitis, among others.

Many people find that using condoms decreases pleasure, however, it is preferable that you have to face the major problems that can cause having unprotected sex or sex. Anyway, the industry is continually developing new proposals for condoms to be almost imperceptible and offer the same and even more pleasurable sensations during the sexual act.

There are different colors, flavors and textures. In all cases, so that you can choose and use condoms safely, here are some recommendations to consider when thinking about the ideal model for you and your partner:

  1. Make sure that condoms are available and located in a convenient location, because if you do not have quick access to them the moment you need them, you can be tempted to have sex without a condom.
  2. Store condoms in cool, dry places away from sunlight.
  3. Do not keep condoms in the wallet for a long time, since the friction that occurs when opening and closing it and walking (if the wallet is carried in the pocket) can cause small holes (holes, holes) to form in the wallet. condom. Anyway, if you have no alternative, it is preferable to use a condom that has been in your wallet for a long time than to use none at all.
  4. It corroborates the expiration date. If it has already happened, replace the condom with one in force.
  5. Do not use fragile, sticky or discolored condoms, because these are signs that they are old and, therefore, more likely to break.
  6. Also do not use condoms that have their packaging damaged, as it may also be damaged.
  7. Do not reuse condoms: use a different one to switch between anal and vaginal sex or vice versa.
  8. If you use latex condoms, use water-based, non-petroleum based lubricants such as petroleum jelly.
  9. Some condoms are made with lambskin but offer less protection against sexually transmitted diseases, so it is not recommended to use them if this is the goal.
  10. If you are allergic to latex, you can choose synthetic polyurethane condoms that are similar and can be used with water or oil based lubricants, although they have not been proven to provide the same protection against sexually transmitted diseases as Of latex.
  11. Avoid condoms with spermicide since they last less time. In addition, they can cause irritation and facilitate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  12. If you have premature ejaculation, try a brand that offers anesthetic condoms, which are coated with a compound called benzocaine, which slightly decreases the sensitivity of the skin and helps you prevent this “inconvenience”.
  13. If you feel that the condom breaks during sexual intercourse, immediately suspend it and put a new one (you do not need to ejaculate and pregnancy occurs or some disease is transmitted).
  14. If you do not notice and ejaculate with a broken condom, help your partner to introduce foam or spermicidal jelly, to reduce the risk of pregnancy or transmission of disease. You can also consult with a doctor or pharmacist about the possibility of taking an emergency contraceptive (“morning-after pill”).

Looking for all these suggestions, look for the color, taste and texture you like, and do not forget to carry a condom with you always: you never know when you may need one, and the important thing is to be there at that moment . Because, as the saying goes: “take care is to love”.


What is a female condom?

Female condoms are an alternative to regular condoms.
They provide almost the same high level of protection against pregnancies and against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

What is the difference between them?

Instead of being placed on the penis, female condoms are inserted into the vagina or anus. In both cases, they provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases and, as they are placed in the vagina, also against pregnancies. They are also known as “internal condoms” or are called by their trade name, FC2 Female Condom®.

How do female condoms work?

Female condoms, also called “inner condoms” or known by their trade name, FC2 Female Condom®, are small nitrile covers (a soft plastic) that are introduced into the vagina. They cover the inside of the vagina and create a barrier that prevents sperm from reaching an egg. If the sperm does not reach an ovum, you can not get pregnant. The female condom also helps prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Does the female condom protect against sexually transmitted diseases?

Yes. The female condom is not only contraceptive, it also reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases .

The female condom helps prevent STDs by covering the inside of the anus, the vagina, and parts of the vulva . This reduces the chances of you coming into contact with semen, pre-ejaculatory fluid or skin that can spread sexually transmitted diseases.

Female condoms offer practicality and control.

This method of contraception is becoming easier to find online, in stores and in family planning centers. And you do not need a prescription or ID to buy them. It is a small, discreet and portable method of obtaining great protection against pregnancies and against STDs.

Because all other condoms on the market are used on the penis, many female condom enthusiasts are delighted that there is a condom they can control. Female condoms allow you to take care of your sexual health. Even if your partner does not want to use a condom, you can protect yourself.

Female condoms are available in stores, online and in some health centers. They usually cost about $ 3, but in some cases you can get them for free.

Female condoms (also called “internal condoms”) are a good way to protect you against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you follow the instructions and use them every time you have vaginal or anal sex, there are very few possibilities of pregnancy or contagion of sexually transmitted diseases.

How effective are female condoms in protecting against pregnancy?

If you use them correctly every time you have sex, female condoms have a 95% effectiveness. As the main method of contraception become pregnant.

Do you want to use a more effective method of contraception?

Read about intrauterine devices ( IUDs ) and implants answer this questionnaire   (in English) for the contraceptive method that best suits you.

What should I do to make the female condom more effective?

The best way to make the female condom work best is to wear it correctly every time you have vaginal or anal sex. That is, leave it on all the time, from the beginning to the end of the sexual relationship. Make sure the condom is properly placed in the vagina or anus before there is genital skin-to-skin contact. Read more about how to use female condoms correctly.

You can improve the effectiveness of the to protect against pregnancies if you use them in combination intrauterine device pill ). That way, you get some protection against sexually transmitted diseases and double protection against pregnancy. What you should NOT do is use regular condom along with a female condom. Each type of condom is designed to be used alone, and doubling them does not give greater protection.

A properly used condom is appropriate, regardless of the type of condom you choose. Keep in mind that drugs and alcohol can make people forget to use a condom (or are less able to use them the right way).

With a little practice, the female condom is very easy to use.Here are some basics on how to put, use and remove a female condom.

How are female condoms used?

The female condom is larger than a male condom, but do not worry: if you put it correctly, it is not uncomfortable. If you can wear a tampon, chances are you can use a female condom.

How to place a female condom:

1. Check the expiration date on the package and then open it carefully.

2. The female condom is already lubricated, but you can add more lubricant if you want. You can also add spermicide .

3. Relax and put yourself in a comfortable position. Some common favorite positions are standing with one foot on a chair, lying down or squatting, similar to how you would place a tampon.

4. Squeeze the sides of the inner ring at the closed end of the condom and slip it into the vagina as if it were a tampon.

5. Push the inner ring into the vagina as far as you can, up to the cervix. Make sure it is not twisted.

6. Remove your finger and let the outer ring protrude from the vagina about an inch (2.5 cm). You are ready for action!

7. Guide your partner’s penis into the opening of the condom making sure it does not go to the side between the condom and the walls of the vagina.

8. To use the female condom to maintain anal sex, remove the inner ring, place the condom inside the anus with your finger and leave the outer ring hanging out.

How to Remove a Female Condom:

1. After sexual intercourse, tighten and wrap the outer ring (the hanging part out) to keep the semen inside the sheath.

2. Gently remove it from the vagina or anus, being careful not to spill any semen.

3. Throw it in the trash (never throw any condoms on the toilet because it can clog the bathroom).

4. Female condoms can not be reused; Use a new one every time you have sex.

It is normal for the female condom to move slightly during intercourse, but the penis should be completely surrounded by the condom at all times. Interrupt intercourse if the penis leaves the condom and is inserted into the vagina, or if the outer ring is pushed into the vagina. If your partner has not yet ejaculated (if semen did not come out), gently remove the condom and put it back in place.

If your partner ejaculated out of the female condom near the vulva or into the vagina and did not use another method of contraception, you can still avoid pregnancy with emergency contraception (the morning after pill). Emergency contraception can prevent pregnancy until five days after having unprotected sex.

One of the best things about the female condom is that you can place it in advance, before the pre-sex games, so you do not have to interrupt the action when the time comes. Your partner can even participate in the game and put the condom on.

Where can I buy female condoms?

Female condoms are available in stores, online and in some health centers. They usually cost about $ 3, but in some cases you can get them for free.

Where can I buy female condoms?

Female condoms are convenient because you do not need a prescription from a doctor or nurse to get them. There are no age requirements, and you do not need to show an ID.

The only brand of female condoms approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and available in the US. UU. Is FC2 Female Condom®. It is available in pharmacies, some supermarkets, health clinics and family planning, online and at Planned Parenthood’s many health centers .

Sometimes it is a little harder to find female condoms than traditional condoms because they are new and not as well known, but they are becoming more popular and more available. On the website of FC2 Female Condom, you will find more information about where you can buy female condoms online and in stores.

Some people find it uncomfortable to go into a store and buy female condoms, but your health is much more important than a little embarrassment. In addition, you should be proud of buying female condoms: it means that you are responsible and consider your health and that of your partner. Do not let anything stop you!

If you really feel unable to enter a store and buy condoms, ask someone who you trust to help. You can also find them at some Planned Parenthood health centers , without question.

How much do female condoms cost?

Calculate that you will have to pay between $ 2 and $ 4 each. Some family planning clinics and local health centers can offer free female condoms. For help, contact local Planned Parenthood Health Centers .

No matter how much female condoms cost, the protection against pregnancy and STD you get with them is totally worth it; Your health is priceless.

Female condoms (also called “inner condoms”) have many benefits. By using them, you protect against both pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), so you do not have to worry about having sex. Because they are hypoallergenic, you can use them even if you have latex sensitivity. In addition, they can increase sexual pleasure-indeed.

Female condoms help prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

The condom and the female condom are the only contraceptive methods that also reduce the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Even if you already use a different type of contraceptive to avoid pregnancy, it is a good idea to also use condoms or condoms every time you have sex to protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. This represents an important part of personal care.

They contain no latex and are comfortable.

Good news for people sensitive or allergic to latex: female condoms are made of a soft plastic material called “nitrile”. They are totally hypoallergenic and do not irritate the delicate genital skin.

Because female condoms are larger than male condoms and do not fit squarely on the penis, they give your partner’s penis more space, something that many people find more comfortable.

Female condoms can increase sexual pleasure.

Using the female condom can improve sexual intercourse. For real.

You can place the female condom in advance, before starting the encounter, which maintains the erotic and spontaneous climate without interruptions. In addition, that your partner puts you the female condom makes the sex safer in a previous intimate and stimulating game. But that is not all.

During vaginal sex, the inner ring of the female condom can stimulate the tip of the penis, and the outer ring may rub the vulva and clitoris. That little extra can feel great to both of you.

It may take some practice to get used to it. And, for it to work, you must use it correctly every time you have sex.

You must wear one for each sexual relationship.

For the female condom to work its best, you should use a new one every time you have vaginal or anal sex, and you must use it correctly. It is easier to use if you have a supply of condoms and keep them close (as in your bag or next to the bed).

If you’re not sure you can use the female condom every time you have sex, there are many other types of contraceptives easier to use and offer better protection against pregnancy (such as intrauterine devices implants ). Answer this questionnaire  to find the right method for you.

Remember: Whichever method of contraception you use, adding a male or female condom every time you have sex is the best way to reduce the risk of getting STDs.

It may take some time to get accustomed to female condoms.

Interrupting the action to place the condom can disconnect you from the situation. Or you might think that the appearance of the female condom hanging out of the vagina or anus ruins the moment.

If you feel that way, you can try some solutions for female condoms to work for you:

  • Practice makes a master. If you get accustomed to female condoms, you will feel more comfortable and confident.
  • Change your attitude. Instead of feeling annoyed at having to use a female condom, focus on the sexual part (and how great it is that condoms allow you to enjoy without worrying about pregnancy and STDs).
  • Make the condom part of the pre-sex games. Keep the fire on by stimulating each other and expressing your sensuality while you or your partner place the female condom. You will not feel that you are interrupting anything; Everything is part of the action.
  • Some people may feel irritation in the vagina, vulva, penis or anus when they use the female condom. It is a typical reaction to friction; Generally, adding a little lubricant solves the problem. Even if you do not feel any discomfort, the lubricant can actually increase pleasure and feelings during intercourse, especially when using condoms.

Do you know how to choose your condom?

We all stopped in front of the pharmacy inn to admire the variety of condoms offered by the market. There are different brands, colors, flavors and size. But being there, within reach of your wallet, does not mean they are for you.
Here, some facts that you need to know to choose the perfect condom, and the options that are presented when you want to vary a little.

Everyone thinks they have it great. In fact, many men I know say they have ever tried size XL. What you do not know so much, or is not so common that is ventilated around, is that you can even have it more average guy. Knowing your “size” of a condom is essential for a good sexual experience. In fact, a 2010 study by the Kinsey Institute for Research on Gender, Reproduction and Sex revealed that condoms of other sizes double the risk of losing an erection , having trouble achieving orgasm (for both), and The condom breaks or slips, which decreases the contraceptive effects. Also, it is uncomfortable to occupy a size that is not yours, of course.

A trick for your size, Is to take a roll of toilet paper, and stick your erect penis in. If space is left, it is because you need a small size condom. If it’s all good, you’re average. And if it’s tight, it’s because you need an XL option .
If you have a history of breaking condoms, then try a bigger size the next time you go to the pharmacy.

Thin and Ultra Thin
If you want to heat things without taking many risks, these are a good option . In truth, almost everyone prefers them. For many couples, the thinner, the closer we are to the experience without a condom . In addition, they are 100% safe, because extra-thin condoms go through the same rigorous tests, so they protect just as if they were very thick.

Climax Control
Sounds absurd, that a condom makes you feel less, you lose sensitivity to sexual pleasure. Well, if you do not have problems controlling ejaculation, do not try this, you do not have to. But for men who need to last longer they are a good choice .
One fact is to look for these types of condoms with a lubricant adherent on the outside. Or buy yourself a lubricant and thus allow her to go very fast while he is more “calm”.

With textures
With protuberances, or lines, or different shapes, textured condoms are made to help her reach orgasm. But to tell the truth, very few feel a difference, and there are even some women who find them uncomfortable. In addition, they tend to be a bit thicker, which is a factor to consider. Personally I think it is entertaining to try everything. And that testing does not hurt anyone.

Lamb Skin
This exists, but I do not know if it has been seen in Chile. Personally I have never tried it and would not do it because ew . But for those who are allergic to latex is a good choice. They are skin color, but as I read on the internet, once the occupas fall in love with you. They are very thin, so you feel a lot more, they help you last longer – for those who are not in control. Apparently, yes, it has a distinctive smell to be accustomed to (but latex too, so …).
The lambskin condom prevents pregnancy, but not against sexually transmitted diseases, so they are ideal for monogamous couples.

Spermicide is an extra to the condom that will prevent sperm from swimming around. Of course, the chemicals that compose it can cause irritation, so it is not advisable to occupy more than once a day. In addition, it does not protect against AIDS or against any sexually transmitted diseases.

No Latex
Uff these are my favorites by kick. Because they do not have a latex smell, and because they are very thin (in the case of Lifestyle SKYN ). There are people who have allergies to latex, and need to use this type of condoms, or if they do not have rashes, extreme dryness, etc. These are made of polysoprene, and they carry it, that’s all I can tell you, so I recommend it even if you do not have a latex allergy.

How To Buy Condoms If I Am A Woman

Although it is usually men who are responsible for buying condoms, you should always know how to buy condoms if you are a woman . After all, there is always a first time for everything and you do not know when you will do it.

First, choose or talk with your partner about the type of condom you should buy. That way you’ll know exactly what to order. Preferably buy the ones your partner has always bought.

When you go to the store, do not be ashamed to buy condoms if you are female . Try to be calm, after all you’re not the only one who has bought condoms.

If it makes you feel better, choose a woman cashier and avoid having lots of people around. You can also buy other items, even if you do not need them, but they will make you feel less sorry.

Many girls are embarrassed to buy sanitary napkins or tampons, but buying condoms if you are a woman is almost the same experience. Act natural and do not feel insecure.

So, do you dare to buy condoms?

Tips Are you afraid to buy or order condoms?

Condoms are a great way to protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Using condoms is a sign of responsibility, so it was nerves and off worth. I know this can be said easy but at the very cost it costs a lot of work, so here are some tips:

  1. Go to places where no one asks you anything: remember that in health centers there are fishbowls or baskets that have condoms that you can take without anyone telling you or asking anything. # Typical … there are no condoms in the fish tank and you have to go in for a consultation. Do not worry, many people ask for them every day!
  2. Research : Remember that there are many types of condoms (sizes, textures, colors, etc.). If you want to buy a different one from those who give at health centers investigates what brand or type of condom you want before you go, this will help you when you are asking them to not put on the face of what? And everything is faster. All brands sold in pharmacies are safe.
  3. Company : being accompanied or accompanied helps us give value, why not try? You can go with your friends, friends or with your partner. If you go to the health center, take advantage of solving all your doubts.
  4. Someone else: if you die of grief, ask someone trustworthy to buy them for you, you can be a brother or sister, uncle, aunt or a friend. The point is to protect yourself.
  5. Health fairs: in universities or in some communities there are health fairs where many people go and you can buy cheap condoms or even gifts. Ask for several so you have protection for longer.
  6. Seek Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) : There are civil society organizations, such as MEXFAM, where you can get cheap condoms. These organizations serve many people on a daily basis, so you can be sure that whatever you ask will have heard it before and will know how to help you.
  7. If you find it hard to find someone and live in a large community : look for a pharmacy or super that is not so close to your house or go to a pharmacy or super where there are many customers: they will attend you fast, no questions and you will go unnoticed.
  8. If you find it hard to find someone and live in a small community : go to the pharmacy early, when there are few people, so it will be more difficult to find someone you know.

It is important to remember that condoms protect your health and it is perfectly legal to buy and use them. Check our tutorial Here to learn how to use the female condom and here the tutorial to use the male condom .

I hope it has been helpful. Can you think of another way to take away your grief and buy condoms? Put it in the comments! How old do you have to be to buy condoms, legal age to buy condom


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