Best PDF Editors For Windows PC #1 PDFelement 6 (Recommended)

Best PDF Editors For Windows PC? We’ll cover different PDF editors that are available for different OSs, also talking of their nice features. Here are Best PDF Editors For Windows PC. These PDF editing software let you edit PDF files easily. Cheaper alternatives to Acrobat for PDF editing. Want to edit PDF files on Windows 10 based computers? Want to edit PDF files on Windows 10 based computers? This article will tell you how to achieve the goal with the best PDF editor for Windows. This article will tell you how to achieve the goal with the best PDF editor for Windows: Best PDF Editors For Windows PC

The best premium PDF editors For Windows

It may seem silly to include premium PDF editors when there’s so much free software available at your fingertips.There are multiple ways to do so simply, but few offer as many options and features as Nuance Power PDF Standard 2 for Windows PCs. Free PDF Editors don’t have useful tools like built-in merging, advanced annotation options, and an expanded font selection. Here are 10 best free PDF editor software. These PDF editing software let you edit PDF files easily. All these PDF editor software are Windows Compatible. (ALSO SEE: BEST FREE PDF EDITORS: PDFescape )

#1 PDFelement 6 (Recommended)Best PDF Editors For Windows PC #1 PDFelement 6 (Recommended)

PDFelement 6 from Wondershare is one of the best, feature rich and easy to use PDF editor Available for Windows, Mac, & iOS. You cam easily create and edit your PDF documents on your Windows or Mac PC or even on any iOS device. It comes with features like Smarter Editing, OCR, Spell Check, Text Autofit and many more.

You can use PDFelement 6 OCR feature to quickly and accurately convert paper documents into PDF files or documents. You can also easily create Fillable PDF Forms with just one click. You can also Create professional PDFs from all the popular Office file types. If you want to convert or transform  your PDF files into other file types, like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, JPEG or any other format, then you can do it just with a single click.

PDFelement 6  also supports Batch converting of documents. Like, you can convert multiple PDF files into  Word, Excel, PowerPoint formats and more all at one time. Some of the other features supported by PDFelement 6 for Windows are Password protect PDF files, Create sign documents electronically, Share your  PDFs directly via Dropbox, or through email’s, add sticky note’s, text boxes, Markup documents, highlight,  Use custom images and hand drawing tools.

Available for: Windows, Mac, iOS

Buy it now from: PDFelement 6 for Windows    or  Try Now for Free

#2 Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor ($90+)

On Microsoft Windows 10 and later Windows versions, Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor is one of the best PDF Editing and Reading tool,  Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor has robustand easy paragraph editing, a built-in spell checker. There are other tons of features in Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor which you can use in your Windows PC offline without any internet connection to edit, merge your PDF Document Text and Images.

Using Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor for Windows you can Quickly convert webpages to PDFs in Firefox with Foxit Plugin. Foxit Phantom 7 PDF Editor for Windows and Mac can also merge multiple PDF files into one document. Users can even right-click and create a new document directly from the resulting drop-down menu. Allows ConnectedPDF document owners to set and edit a message that will be shown to anyone who opens that document. (Business only). You can :

  • View, create, convert, annotate and print
  • Collaborate and share
  • View, create, edit, organize, sign, scan, and OCR
  • Export to office, PDF/A/E/X, and more
  • Collaborate and share
  • Sign, protect, and secure

Edit PDFs with automatic text reflow that works better when removing or adding paragraphs. Phantom 7 is available in Standard and Business editions.

Available for: Windows

Buy it now from: FOXIT

#2 Nitro Pro 10 ($160)

Best PDF Editors For Windows PC: Nitro Pro 10: It is one of the best and cheap alternative to Adobe PDF reader. Nitro PRO 10 has all the features from Text editing to Image Aligning and it Creates smarter documents with ease. If you Want a PDF reader with Professioanl PDF Editing features for your business or personal use, then Nitro Pro 10 Editor for your Windows PC is one of the best Professional PDF Editing Software available in the market.

Save and access your documents securely from DropBox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Using these Cloud Services in Nitro Pro 10 PDF Reader and Editor, you can save Your PDF Documents and can Access Your Edited PDF Files Anytime, Anywhere

Convert PDF files into Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint files, or create PDFs directly from Office. The flexibility of the software is undeniable, allowing users to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Additionally, users can convert emails and their accompanying attachments directly to PDF, as well as preview and merge PDF documents into a single file.


Revise content creatively and professionally using your favorite programs. Convert PDF files into Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint files, or create PDFs directly from Office. Manipulate text, change fonts, customize layouts and more. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you turn scanned documents and images into searchable and editable PDF files. Nitro Pro offers a range of easy-to-use markup and revision tools that ensure accurate version control. Nitro Pro makes it easy to sign and certify documents while keeping your work secure, which means your confidential information remains private.

When unique page labeling and identification is required, users can add or edit PDF Bates Numbers with Nitro Pro and remove them as needed. OCR lets you transform paper documents into searchable and editable PDF files. The Nitro Pro PDF editor offers the ability to scan and recognize text in multiple languages, including Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Your PDF editor helps you keep your documents neat and organized. In addition to assigning page numbers to your document, your PDF editor lets you insert logos, dynamic bookmarks, watermarks and other graphical elements across multiple pages

Sometimes you don’t need everything in that enormous report, or the file is too large to fit onto your USB drive. Nitro Pro can turn individual documents or a range of pages into images, or standalone PDF files. It’s one of the pricier programs on our list at $160, but fittingly, it’s also one of the most complete.

Available for: Windows

Buy it now from: NITRO

#3 PDF Architect ($60+)

Best PDF Editors For Windows PC: PDF Architect  PDF Architect is also available as a free download, or as part of three separate packages (PDF Architect 4 Standard, PDF Architect 4 Pro , and PDF Architect 4 Pro + OCR). Each PDF Architect package includes a set of PDF Editing features for the program, which dictates the editing power of the program.


Using PDF Architect 4 Standard Package you can Edit text directly in your PDF documents, change fonts & text formatting. Convert PDF to Word, Excel, HTML or image files. Insert Pages, Images and Hyperlinks in your PDF.

Using PDF Architect 4 Pro Package you can Review Compare documents, add stamps and notes, Sign & Secure Secure your PDFs with 256 Bit encryption, and Create PDF form from scratch or use professional PDF templates.

Using PDF Architect 4 Pro + OCR Package you can Scan documents to editable PDFs
Convert images in PDFs to editable text and make them searchable, and all previous features. PDF Creator, is tailored to fit the needs of any consumer, whether you need the power of optical character recognition or simply the ability to convert a PDF to HTML.

Available for: Windows

Buy it now from: PDFFORGE

#4 Nuance Power PDF Standard 2 ($99)


Best PDF Editors For Windows PC: Nuance’s PDF editor is a phenomenal one. Power PDF Standard 2 makes it easy for customers to gain control over PDF files with the ability to create, convert, edit, assemble, fill forms and share PDF files.

  • Create PDF files directly from your scanner with time saving one-click scanning to PDF. Scan to standard image, searchable, or editable PDF formats. Scan and highlight, cross-out or underline-all in a single step.
  • You can even add bookmarks and transfer hyperlinks when creating PDF documents from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Complex layouts with columns, tables and graphics are faithfully reproduced in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Corel WordPerfect documents.
  • The only flaw is  the OCR can’t match Acrobat’s abilities with complex documents.

Power PDF supports the latest in PDF forms technology, including conversion of plain PDFs to forms.  There are also the usual text editing and comment tools plus a nice drag-and-drop watermark feature with a number of templates. Other nice Power PDF features include cloud service conduits and integrated text-to-speech.With document access available through various Cloud services such as Google Drive and SkyDrive, and the ability to create interactive PDFs in nearly any Windows application. 

Note: Power PDF is also available in an Advanced version for $150, which has the Word output

Quickly convert files from Word to PDF, or from PDF to Word, without having to retype. Power PDF makes converting multiple PDFs at once veryfast. Simply create a PDF file from office documents. You can also Automatically convert a PDF file to Office documents. Save any webpage from Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox to PDF with hyperlinks preserved, and Auto proofread and correct any spelling errors from scanned documents.

  1. You can create a single PDF from multiple files
  2. You can dictate annotated notes and the software adds them in text form
  3. You can add high levels of security
  4. You can save your PDFs to all of the major cloud storage services
  5. You can convert PDFs to other types of document

The program also offers real-time collaboration using multi-user editing, and users can easily convert PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Corel documents to help avoid any re-types.  Drag-and-drop simple to combine, remove or replace Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, JPG, BMP, TIF or XPS pages and files within a PDF. Power PDF Standard offers advanced functionality so you can edit words and sentences, replace pictures and graphics, and move items around in your PDF

Available for: Windows

Buy it now from: NUANCE

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