Best Microsoft Visio Alternative for Mac 2017


Below article shows you the list of best microsoft visio alternative for mac in 2017. The below list consists of Best Microsoft Visio Alternative for Mac tools that you can use to create or make diagram’s and flowchart’s easily without visio. The below listed visio alternative Software’s or online tools can also be used to draw online flowchart’s, workflow diagram’s and online diagram’s. Now, just follow the below list to know which are the best visio alternative for mac below.

Create flowcharts, network diagrams, circuit diagrams … and more

As a networking professional, I often need to build network diagrams to make it easier to present / demonstrate certain network scenarios (some of them even presented here at Pplware). For this purpose, I usually used the fantastic Visio that provides users with several tools that make it easier to build any scenarios. However, Visio is a paid tool and for those who need a free alternative we present the software Day.

yes, there are alternatives to Visio from Microsoft . And lots.

I’ve even found options that can run on the iPad with the same interface as on Mac. And most gratifying, most are free, created with free software/


After searching and commenting with colleagues, one of the most acclaimed alternatives is Omnigraffle . There is also an iPad version. If you’re used to working with Visio, switching to Omnigraffle is sewing and singing. In addition there is a very interesting page called Graffletopia , where you can find thousands of drawings to complement the stencils that come from the factory with the product.

We continue with LucidChart . An online alternative characterized by its drag and drop options of all types of objects, collaborative work and an integrated search engine that analyzes the databases of Icon Finder and Google Images to have any image on the network instantly. Registration is free although extra features require at least “.edu” email accounts.

Let’s go for a third: Cmap Tools . It gives us the possibility to make conceptual maps by simply dragging the shapes while simultaneously obtaining the join arrows and text fields. It is limited by the correct use of connectors and concepts, although content management works great. By default it only works on Windows.

The creation of diagrams and plans is something that almost everyone can do, regardless of the profession.

The diagrams help us to better visualize the data and to better explain certain processes and statistical relationships. They can be used in reports, presentations, conferences and in many other similar situations. There are plenty of professional tools to create diagrams, such as Microsoft’s Visio software and other professional applications. However, there are fantastic free tools for people who do not need to often diagram. Here are eight of these excellent free tools.

1. Lucidchart – Visio for MacBest Microsoft Visio Alternative for Mac 2017

Lucidchart is one of the best visio alternative.  Lucidchart tool or software has lost of professional features, that can easily compete with Microsoft Visio. It is also one of the best  professional online flowchart maker. You can save your flowcharts or diagrams on Cloud and could access them easily from anywhere and on any device. Lucidchart .

2. SmartdrawBest Microsoft Visio Alternative for Mac 2017

Smartdraw is the another best microsoft visio alternative for mac that has both online and offline software. Smartdraw is one of the best flowchart, diagram and org chart maker. Visit Smartdraw.

3. ConceptDrawBest Microsoft Visio Alternative for Mac 2017

ConceptDraw Pro 11 is the latest version of this flowchart and visio alternative. Visit ConceptDraw Here.

4 Dia

Dia is a software for building diagrams, flowcharts, database schemas, use cases, etc. It’s a great alternative to Microsoft Visio. It has several tools and libraries with multiple objects and the items in a diagram allow you to store specific information.

This software presents a user-friendly interface firendly and it is very easy for any user to produce detailed and professional level layouts. In addition, more objects are available on the project site itself for those who want to add to the application ( Dia symbols ).

Dia is an application that allows us to draw diagrams and diagrams in the same way that we could do it in Microsoft Visio. The application is available for both Windows and Mac and Linux and, unless we have to do overly complex schemas or require very specific objects, is an interesting alternative to Visio and, of course, much more economical.

In addition to the features presented, the Day stands out as being compatible with the main operating systems (Windows, Linux and MacOS). If you are looking for a free tool to draw diagrams, then Dia is undoubtedly an excellent solution.

License: GPL
Operating Systems: Windows / MacOS / Linux
Download: [Windows] day-0.97.2 [18.71MB] | Portable version ( here )
Download: [MacOS] Day-0.97.2-3 [1.57MB]
Download: [Linux] Select here the distribution


My favorites are those found in the most used free office packages: OpenOffice and LibreOffice Draw . The drawing tool of the free office suites have a good amount of resources to make diagrams in a simple way, in addition to its clean and light design allows to benefit from all its functions from the first use. Exports to XML, SWF, PDF and image formats.

Best microsoft visio alternative for mac 2017. Visio alternatives includes Lucidchart, Smartdraw and ConceptDraw.

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