Best iPhone apps free and paid


Best apps for iPhone free and paid

  1. MaxCurve – Pro Curve Edit Tool (Best iphone apps)

    Best iphone apps
    Best iphone apps

Features of this app

  • Contrast/Lightness curve, first created ever;
  • Exposure/Lightness curve, like shadow/highlight in Photoshop;
  • Gamma/Lightness curve, first created ever;
  • Lightness/Hue curve, like hue/saturation in Photoshop;
  • Black&White/Hue curve, like black&white in Photoshop.

– Support for Jpeg, Tiff and transparent Png formats;
– Full resolution edit, support up to 4096×4096 pictures;
– Reserve EXIF and GPS information as original picture;
– Save pictures in 100% quality;
– Analyze pictures by professional histogram;
– Crop, rotation, mirror and ratio tools;
– Open MaxCurve in system Photos app as filter extension.

– Save curves into presets for using next time;
– Simply hold down (or 3D touch) picture to compare the before and after editing effect;
– Tap any position in picture to add anchor point to corresponding curve value and then drag freely.




  1. CastThemAll – Browser and Video/Photo/Music Streaming for ChromeCast (Best iphone apps)

    Best iphone apps
    Best iphone apps

Best iphone apps – With CastThemAll you can browse through the web and stream any video you want on your Chromecast device. Just navigate to your favorite website and send the embedded video with a single tap to your Chromecast device. The discovered video will be shown below the browser. A tap on the video link will send it to your Chromecast device immediately.













  1. CleanUp Pro (Best iphone apps)

    Best iphone apps
    Best iphone apps

Your contacts are the most important data on your phone. But eventually address book easily becomes messy, if not constantly updated. “CleanUp” helps you merge duplicate contacts and keep your contacts in a safe place.

• Remove duplicate contacts
• Merge contacts with similar names
• Merge contacts with the duplicate phone or email
• A preview of the result of the merging and manual selection of contacts

• One tap to backup your contacts
• Quickly export your backups by Email or iTunes
• Restore all the contacts at once or manually selected contacts

Offline backup. No need to sync to any server. Just email the backup file to yourself
• Easily transfer contacts between iOS Devices using just an email client
• All contacts can then easily be restored any time by simply opening the .vcf file in your mailbox




  1. io: Real Time Language and Text Translator with Speech and Dictionary (Best iphone apps)

    best apps for iphone
    best apps for iphone

Best iphone apps – VOICE INPUT & OUTPUT
Speak instead of type. No training needed. Just start speaking and we recognise your voice, transform it into text and translate it into another language.

Tap our translation to edit and make changes, without having to speak again. Send translations to your friends via Email, SMS, Facebook or Twitter or simply copy a translation and use it in any App you like.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

Translations between the following languages are supported:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Basque, Bengali, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Belgian (Dutch), Catalan, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English US, English UK, English AU, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, French CA, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish MX, Spanish US, Swahili, Swedish, Taiwanese, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish

Languages & Dialects with Speech Recognition:

– Arabic
– English (United States)
– English (United Kingdom)
– English (Australia)
– Spanish (Spain)
– Spanish (United States)
– Spanish (Mexico)
– French (France)
– French (Canada)
– Croatian
– Catalan
– Hebrew
– Romanian
– Ukrainian
– Czech
– German
– Italian
– Japanese
– Finnish
– Greek
– Mandarin (China)
– Mandarin (Taiwan)
– Korean
– Dutch
– Norwegian
– Swedish
– Danish
– Portuguese (Portugal)
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Polish
– Russian
– Indonesian
– Malay
– Romanian
– Slovak
– Vietnamese


  1. StarMusic Pro – Music and Video Player for YouTube (Best iphone apps)

    starmusic-pro - iPhone Best apps
    starmusic-pro – iPhone Best apps

Best iphone apps – StarMusic is the unique music & video player for YouTube. It is beautiful, easy to use and fast.

– Listen to million music video, no limits from YouTube
– Built-in Professional Equalizer and Visualizer Music for YouTube
– Manage videos & playlists
– Repeat one, repeat all, shuffle
– Continuous playback, background playback.
– Support Audio, 480p, 720p and 1080p
– Share videos via social networks (Facebook & Twitter)
– Supports AirPlay
– Manually re-order videos in a playlist.
– Sleep timer

– Built-in Professional Equalizer and Visualizer Music
– 3 Visualizer Modes: Spectrum, Firefly and Starfall
– Play music directly from iPod Library
– Background playback
– Sleep timer
– Car Mode




  1. Cloud Hub (Best iphone apps)

    cloudhub - iPhone Best apps
    cloudhub – iPhone Best apps

    – File Manager, Document Reader, Clouds Browser and Download Manager

Best iphone apps – It allows to download or upload files from clouds services like Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Drive, iCloud. Built-in FTP client. Import media files from Photo Albums. Manage all local files stored in the app; change name, move, copy, delete, create directories, view the content of the most common file types like PDF, PNG, JPG, MP4, iWork, MS Office files. Share files using social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc.

• Cloud Hub reads files:
– MS Office: Word, Excel, Powerpoint (doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx)
– iWork: Keynote, Pages, Numbers
– text (txt, rtf)
– images (jpg, png, gif, tiff)
– MP3, WAV
– MP4, H.264
– html, css

• Access Services (download/upload):
– Dropbox
– Box
– OneDrive
– Google Drive
– iCloud

• Local file operations:
– Copy
– Move
– Delete
– Change name
– File details
– Send via e-mail
– Share using social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
– Upload to server (Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, FTP)
– View the content of the most common file types
– Image viewer
– Video player (MP4, H.264)
– Music player (MP3)

• Local directory operations:
– Create directory
– Delete directory
– List chosen directory


7. Repostgram for Instagram – Repost Photos and Videos on Instagram (Best iphone apps)

repostgram - iPhone Best apps
repostgram – iPhone Best apps

Best iphone apps – The best way to repost photos & videos on Instagram!

With Repostgram you can also delete multiple Instagram photos & videos at once.

Main Features:
– Repost photos and videos on Instagram.
– Delete or unlike multiple photos & videos at once.
– Track users that don’t follow you back.
– Track Instagram followers you don’t follow back.
– See who likes your posts the most.











8. Vidblend Video Blender: Merge & blend video clips into one single video & share on Instagram,Facebook & Vine

Best iphone apps – First of its kind, Vidblend is an easy to use video blending app with a powerful editor to help make your own personal video library.

Customize your own movie and share them with your friends.

Inspired by the concept of Fusion, we present to you multiple ways to mix and blend video clips right on your smartphones. Edit your video footage, add sound, voice and title over it. Enhance them further by choosing from unique filter fx.

▶Blend : Blend videos real fast.
▶Edit : Powerful tools to make you the best movie maker.
▶Post Blend Editing : Handy editing tools to help edit after blending.
▶Share : Display your creations to the entire world.


All-in-one iPhoneography video app to mix movie clips –
▶Record your own movies or choose from gallery
▶Explore 20 unique blend styles to mix your videos
▶Use opacity slider controls to tweak the movie.
▶Save and share your movie with the world

▶ Normal: Default video blend.
▶ Darken: Displays darker tone.
▶ Multiply: It darkens the background video based on the dark values of the foreground video.
▶ Color Burn: Burnt out effect of the foreground video.
▶ Linear Burn: Extra darkens the blended video.
▶ Lighten: Lightens up the final video blended.
▶ Screen: Lightens foreground video based on light values of background video.
▶ Color Dodge: Color dodges lower video layer with the upper.
▶ Add: Gives overall brightened effect.
▶ Subtract: Displays a darkened mid toned video.
▶ Divide: Enhances bright areas of the video.
▶ Overlay: Multiplies the lighter color tones and darkens the darker ones.
▶ Soft Light: Displays soft tones.
▶ Hard Light: Multiplies dark video tones.
▶ Difference: Modifies the differences in color values of both the videos.
▶ Exclusion: It masks out the differences between the top and bottom videos.
▶ Hue: Changes hue of lower video based on the top video.
▶ Saturation: Changes saturation level of lower video based on the top video.
▶ Color: Changes the hue and saturation of the lower video.
▶ Luminosity: Changes the light value of the lower video.

Explore the following video editing features in the app –
▶Copy : Copy video.
▶Trim : Scoop out unwanted portions.
▶Display : Enhance video quality from here.
▶Reverse: Play your clip reversed.
▶Rotate : Rotate videos.
▶SlowMo : Slow down the video to create slowmotion effect.
▶Text : Add titles.
▶ Audio : Record your own audio to personalize your movie.
▶Sound : Add sound in the background from itunes.
▶Filters : Amazing filters to add a new look to your videos.

Now, edit videos even after blending –
▶Swap : Swap between background and foreground videos.
▶Trim : Cut out unwanted frames.
▶Display : Enhance blended videos.
▶Filter : Add finesse to the final blended video.
▶Extract : Extract and share images from the blended video.
▶Delete : Delete video

A great videomaker app to be shared with all –
▶Save your clip in your phone gallery.
▶Share them in different Social media platforms.
▶Mail personalized videos to your favorite people directly.



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