Essential and Best high tech Car gadgets for your new car in 2018


Let’s check which are the best high-tech car gadgets in 2018 that you must buy. No need to splash out on a late-model vehicle to provide practical technological devices for driving and comfort. In the market, you will find many gadgets in order to have a fully equipped car without having a late model vehicle.

It may be that your car will seem simple compared to those you see in ads or the dealer. Does years that you bought the car but still works perfectly and do not see the need to change? Have you bought a new one but you can not afford to choose a full equip? Do not worry why the market there are many gadgets that allow you to equip your vehicle so that you have the same performance as a new fully equipped.

Screens of all sizes, 4G router, vehicle control systems, parking sensors screen without scratches, and lots of products rather than take your car to another level.

In here, we propose eight gadgets to update your vehicle and make it more driving and how your day. The below are the best high-tech car gadgets in 2018.

1.  dashcam: Must have car gadgetdashcam- Must have car gadget

Have you had a car accident and those involved will not agree, who was at fault? Often happens. Solve this legal problem is very difficult because it is very unlikely to have witnesses who can verify who is responsible for them. This is where is present the functionality of dashcam: They turn on and off in time with the engine of your car, so you will be able to defend your innocence with physical and concrete evidence.

This model comes with integrated WiFi To guard gives you free access to the camera via your mobile phone, either iPhone or Android. You simply connect your phone to the camera, and you can now use your mobile as a remote control where you can change settings, view real-time, taking photos, recording and video playback, and download all the recordings and records.

2. Parking system: Essential car gadget for safetyParking system- Essential car gadget for safety

If you are one of those people who struggle to park your car, this gadget is for you. This acoustic parking system version has 4 ultrasonic sensors and a speaker Visarte when these close to an object, car or wall. Installation is quick and uncomplicated in the vehicle. No more excuses to hop on sidewalks or take ahead the safety cones.

3.  WiFi access point: Cool car accessories in 2018WiFi access point: Cool car accessories in 2018

If you are a person who travels a lot for work by car and are sick of the GPS, the Spotify application or other applications you eat data, this gadget is perfect for you.

This TP-LINK M7350 router works just by inserting a 4G SIM card into the device to instantly set the selection of a Wi-Fi hotspot dual band. It has a speed of up to 150 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream. Pocket design and powerful 2000mAh internal battery make it the optimum travel companion, allowing users continued use of 10 hours. To add further flexibility, the device can be recharged via USB mic connected to a laptop or portable charger or get endless hours of 4G sharing cable.

4. Control System Tire pressure: high-tech car gadgetControl System Tire pressure: high-tech car gadget

Your safety is priceless nor that of those who accompany you in your car. That is why, albeit a bit expensive, you should not skimp on buying this gadget for your car.

This pressure monitoring system will help you keep an eye on one of the groups most important pieces of your car: the tires. Placing these small devices in each tire valve, you can check with only one button pressure and temperature. This gadget also lets you increase tire life and save on fuel.

5. Anti-angle car mirror dead: Best safety gadgetAnti-angle car mirror dead: Best safety gadget

Art cars have many advantages, among them is the availability of a digital function “blind spot alert”. However, if you have a vehicle that already has a few years old in your body can make you need a bondable to your rearview mirror. However, this gadget does not require much investment and fulfills the same function.

6. Locator GPS Radar: essential car accessory for a new car

We should always drive carefully and respect the rules of speed and safety, but sometimes you dawdle behind the wheel and step on the accelerator pedal more than you should.
If this has happened to you and you have had to pay an occasional speeding ticket, this gadget is for you. By acquiring this unique radar detector for your car you can be alert so you do not fall another costly penalty, in addition to better control the speed of your vehicle.

7. GPS Tracker: best car gadget for a commuterGPS Tracker: best car gadget for a commuter

You have stolen the car and neither you nor the police located. You do not remember where you parked the car. Or it may be you want to know where your teenager that has been your vehicle is.
In any of these situations will be helpful this gadget that through a simple process to link the device to your phone, will allow you to always know the exact location of your car.

8. USB Car Charger: top 10 must have car accessoriesUSB Car Charger: top 10 must have car accessories

Your smartphone you can serve as a GPS to show you the way to go but without a battery is like a pen without ink: completely useless. In addition to note that the GPS applications you usually empty battery very fast smartphones. Therefore, it is essential to make a USB car charger that can be installed quickly in the dashboard cigarette lighter.

Vidi this charger lets you charge two devices at once. In addition, you can monitor the battery and electrical system of the vehicle automatically. It also comes with blue LED light that will allow you to quickly find it in the dark but not interfere with driving.

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