Best Free UML Diagram Tool for Engineering and Business


The below list shows the best free UML diagram tool for engineering and business in 2017. Some of the tools are lucidchart, creately, smartdraw, gliffy and staruml diagram tools. Just follow the below list to know Which are the Best Free UML Diagram Tool for Engineering and Business in 2017.

Here I will keep a comparative list of free software for editing UML diagrams. The prerequisite for the inclusion of the software in the list is free of charge, excluding temporary and similar licenses. Data modeling tools are very useful when making a new data design or approaching the understanding and study of an existing model (in those with reverse engineering characteristics). The ability to perform a model design by visualizing it graphically, through the ER Diagrams , Or to obtain a diagram and documentation of an existing database greatly increases the efficiency of our work by drastically reducing the time required with respect to a manual realization of such design, analysis and study tasks.

The best and most complete modeling tool I know is PowerDesigner . It is not the object of this article to describe the enormous amount of characteristics that it has, or how perfectly solved the tasks of modeling and direct and inverse engineering, but I assure you that it is almost perfect, contemplating the whole cycle of modeling (logical and Physical, multi-database) data, in addition to other modeling tasks such as objects (with code generation), xml schemas, etc …

So we have Linux (for example) and we can not run PowerDesigner but we need a tool to help us in our work. What alternatives are there? I have searched the internet for “data modeling tools”, “data modeling tools”, “PowerDesigner alternatives” … with disappointing results: hardly commented lists of tools or any comment in forums … So I put hands to the Work to look for my own and share it with the community.

The first thing to keep in mind is that there is no free alternative tool comparable to PowerDesigner, neither for quality nor quantity of features. But there are quite decent tools (to be free) that can serve us for most of our needs. In fact, there is a published list with a huge amount of different modeling tools that would take me many days to try.

The process of software design and analysis of requirements requires the use of diagrams that allow us to describe in a clear and concise way how we want our software to work. To avoid drawing them by hand and make our diagrams clean and clear, it is a good idea to use computer programs. There are many programs on the Internet that are able to help us in generating diagrams and also allow us to detect possible errors that we might have made in the diagram. In this post we will talk about the 5 most common tools:

1 has the great advantage that it is not necessary to install any program on your computer. You can create your diagrams using your favorite Internet Explorer! This web application provides us with a great variety of elements that we can use in the creation of our diagrams. Once created, we can store them in our computer and include them in our projects. You can get more information about this program at the following link:

2 Pencil :

Pencil is a diagram generator that focuses on the development of mobile applications. It can be used as an installable program on the computer or as an extension of the Firefox browser. In addition, Pencil receives feedback from a powerful user community that generates new diagrams and adds them to those already available in the application. You can get more information about this program at the following link:

3 Draw of Libreoffice :

The free and free version of Microsoft Office (Free Office) incorporates a tool that allows us to draw our own schemes. For all those who are accustomed to using Libre Office in their day to day, this is a good option as they will be accustomed to the menu system that they use.

4 Visual Paradigm :

Visual Paradigm is one of the most complex diagram development environments adapted to UML that currently exists in the market and are also freely available. There are several versions of the program, some payment and some free. Specifically, the community edition is free and very complete although its use is limited to non-commercial developments. Visual Paradigm provides a very complete design environment and detects errors in the diagrams we create, helping us to create diagrams that accurately follow the UML standard. You can download Visual Paradigm Community Edition at the following link:

5 StarUML :

StarUML is a simple but very complete tool. Like Visual Paradigm is designed to program UML diagrams and, therefore, provides all the tools necessary for it. Of its operation is remarkable its interface, tremendously simple and effective which will allow us to familiarize ourselves with the program quickly although we have never used it before. We can download StarUML for free at the following link:

6. Gliffy UML Diagram Tool

Create the perfect UML diagram on gliffy with lots of great features. Gliffy comes with many symbols for a best software engineering diagram. Also, it has many templates to start the diagram with. Visit Gliffy.

7 Smartdraw UML Diagram Tool

Smartdraw makes you to access your diagrams from any device. Its smart integration will help you to share your work in various formats. In addition to that, lots of UML examples are available at smartdraw for your idea. Visit Smartdraw Here.

8 Creately – UML Diagram Tool

Creately is one of the best UML diagram tool and software that can help you to complete your drawings fastly and easily. You can export the diagrams as pdf or images with creately. Moreover, it comes with lot of ready UML templates. Visit Creately.

9 Lucidchart Free UML Diagram Tool

Lucidchart tops the list of best UML modeling tool for engineering and business 2017. It is simple to use and also helps you to share your work with your group. Furthermore, the visio import/export feature will help you to open the visio files with lucidchart and vice-versa. Free Sign Up for Lucidchart Here.

Just, follow the above list to know Which are the best UML diagram tool.

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